Installing RIA Services on a server


As you are all aware that RIA Services currently blocks on a few items during installation. When you download RIA Services today, you need to have the following installed on the machine:-


  1. Visual Studio 2010 with Web Developer or Visual Web Developer express.

  2. .net Framework 4

  3. Silverlight Runtime

  4. Silverlight SDK

Hosting servers generally do not have Visual Studio 2010 or Silverlight SDK installed, this might be a blocker for some hosting companies.

The RIAServices msi now has a command line override, especially for hosters. The msi is now configured to take a “Server” command line parameter that will only check for .NET Framework 4.0. The command line parameter will install all the RIA Services server assemblies.

Here is how to use this option:-

  1. Download the RIA Services MSI and save it on your machine

  2. Open up a command prompt and type the following command.

   1: msiexec /i RIAServices.msi SERVER=true

Using this option will do the following, install the server assemblies along with adding them to the Global assembly cache and to the native cache (ngen).

Keep in mind, using this option will not install any of the Silverlight or Tooling components.

BTW here are some of the hosters that will be supporting RIA Services:-

DiscountASP -

OrcsWeb -

ASPHostCentral -


Comments (10)

  1. Paulo Nobre says:

    When i try to run msiexec /i RiaServices.msi /SERVER=true i get presented with the command line options help window and it doesn’t go from there.

    Thank you

  2. Thanks Paulo, there was a slight typo and i have corrected it .

  3. Paulo Nobre says:

    It now works, thank you… I was quiet dumb to try SERVER=true inside [ ]… duh……

  4. hrvoje says:

    I think it’s absolute imperative to make easy deploy to shared hosting provider! If it’s part of WCF, i don’t understand why it has to have separate installation procedure?

    For me as developer, installation of  additional MS Framework is not an option, as long there’s is full and latest version .net framework!

  5. Les Prigmore says:


    The company that I need to install RIA Services for will not allow VS2010 to be installed on their server. Is that a deal breaker for deploying RIA Services? i.e. Is it true that I cannot deploy RIA Services without VS2010 installed on the server?

    Thanks for your help………….Les Prigmore

  6. Mark says:

    Another host that fully support RIA is Bizhostnet –

    The only problem encountered was to remove Basic Authentication and leave only Anonymous Authentication. Not clear why if both authentication are allowed – it will not work.

  7. @Les – you can install RIA Services without VS. The post above describes that. Else you can Bin deploy and dont have to worry about the installation.

  8. Brett Alfred says:

    There are many provider supports SL4. I have hosted my site with So far, they are very good and have good support.

  9. Navin Kumar says:

    I have seen some good options at that support RIA services. Some popular names are in the list, hope you'll like them.

  10. Onmard says:

    I hope you'll enjoy the options available at these are really good.

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