New Debugging Book – Windows Debugging Notebook: Essential User Space WinDbg Commands

A reference book for technical support and escalation engineers troubleshooting and debugging complex software issues. The book is also invaluable for software maintenance and development engineers debugging Windows applications and services.   Do you want to know more about this book? Check out here…


New PowerDbg – I Need Your Help

First, let me fix the title. It should be: “New PowerDbg – We Need Your Help”. I explain, a few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Piers Williams, a developer from Australia. Piers mentioned his blog article related to PowerDbg where he makes some constructive criticism. When reading the article I was like: “Why…


[Recommended Books] Advanced .NET Debugging book – Preview

For the second time I have had the privilege of being one of the reviewers for another debugging book. This time I’m referring to Mario Hewardt’s new book: Advanced .NET Debugging. It was a great learning process. After months of reviewing chapters and source code and giving suggestions, I feel my .NET debugging knowledge is…


Moving back to the SIE team… oops, I mean the PFE team

Years ago I was part of a special and very small and special team, here, at Microsoft – the Solution Integration Engineering team. This team was known to handle any kind of customer issues, even those related to third-party products and technology integration. The team was very small and had highly skilled engineers. Good times……


[Recommended Books] How to Acquire or Improve Debugging Skills

This article is my answer for this comment. First of all, this is just my opinion, not Microsoft’s opinion. Before talking about books, let me explain something that I see over and over again. Sometimes I’ve run across people who think they just need to know the debugger commands to become a good debugger. This…


My Blog posts in Korean

Courtesy of Taehwa Lee (Jeff), a Microsoft DDK MVP. He writes articles for the biggest Korean device driver online community: He asked me if he could translate the articles and this is the first Blog just translated into Korean: Thanks Jeff