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  1. nativecpp says:

    I have a question:

    I have a mixed app (i.e. managed& unmanaged) using WinForm. This app uses C++ Components to do some internal stuff. When I used Task Manager to select Debug and chose VS 2008 as Just-In-Time Debugger to attach the app. VS 2008 is having problem loading managed symbol even though the PDBs all there. The "Symbol Status" column in Modules window stated "No native symbols in symbol file". Is there a way to get around so that I can debug both managed and unmanaged this way ?


  2. rafarah says:

    Hey nativecpp, do you know if the symbol path is right? Have you tried to use another debugger, like WinDbg, to see if the results are consistent? When using WinDbg make sure you’re including the paths for the pdb files in the Symbol File Path window.

    If it works then the problem may be on the Visual Studio side (some settings) and not the symbols.

    Hope it helps.


  3. nativecpp says:

    I figured that out. When attached to the process, there is an option to specify code type, i.e. I need to select both managed and unmanaged.

    One interesting observation is that with both managed and unmanaged selected, when I stopped debugger (VS2008), it terminated the process.

    However, if I selected only managed, stopping the debugger(VS2008), it didn’t stop the app which is nice.


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