Special Command—Searching the Call Stack for Symbols or Modules Using !findstack

During your debugging session, you may find yourself trying to identify if a specific symbol or module appears in one or more threads.

There’s more than one way to do that, and here I covert it in the simplest way: !findstack


This command accepts the following arguments:



Specifies a symbol or module.


Specifies what the display should contain. This can be any one of the following values. The default value is 1.



Displays only the thread ID for each thread containing Symbol.



Displays both the thread ID and the frame for each thread containing Symbol.



Displays the entire thread stack for each thread containing Symbol.


I always prefer to use parameter 2.


Here’s how to use it:


!findstack <symbol/module> 2







Here you can see scripts that use !findstack.






Comments (1)

  1. rezkiy says:

    It is probably worth noting that a somewhat equivalent kd extension is !stacks 2 <symbol>

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