NetWiz – Tool to Assist Users in Using NMCap from Netmon 3

Last year my colleague Yuri Diogenes, a network specialist, asked me if I wanted to create a tool with him. He had this idea for a very user friendly tool that users could use to configure NMCap, that is part of Netmon 3.

Actually, it was a great idea!

The NetWiz tool was created to assist the user in using NMCap and guide him through with a wizard interface. The idea is to take advantage of the powerful command line interface of Network Monitor 3, offering a step by step GUI that basic and advanced users can benefit of this tool.


After almost a year we shipped the first Beta version!


There are some known bugs that we are fixing and others that users might find and report.


NetWiz uses two freeware controls from You can see the authors name and download link from NetWiz About Box in case you want to use the same controls. (Note: the latest version is not using freeware controls anymore!)


At this point we are working on the internal process and documents for public usage of this tool. I guess it’s going to take some time because it’s a requirement.


Anyway, let me share some screenshots, so you can have an idea about what to expect. For more information you can read this article.






Download it from here.

Documentation is here.

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