Help! My console windows won’t go away

Many of you may be seeing an issue where your console windows won't close after you stop debugging.  The symptoms of this issue include:

·         The console application does not terminate as expected after you stop debugging

·         The console windows can be moved, minimized and maximized, but cannot be closed

·         The corresponding process does not appear in task manager

·         You are unable to properly shut down or restart Windows

We have recently seen this issue impacting many Visual Studio users.  The bug that is causing this issue is in csrss, which manages console windows for the Win32 subsystem (among many other things).  The bug was introduced by a recent security update to Windows, KB978037.

The Windows team is currently working on a fix for this, and we will post it here as soon as it is ready.  Unfortunately, we don’t yet have any timelines that we can share at this time, but we will share any information we can as we get it.

As we would like to like to make sure that Microsoft is able to test this fix as thoroughly as possible, please feel free to share your scenarios below (even if they do not include the use of Visual Studio).  Which version of Windows are you using (and what architecture)?  Besides stop debugging, can you provide details of other scenarios in which you are running into this same problem?

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  1. bcollie says:

    I encounter this issue if the application is unable to find a dll on startup, so never get as far as main()

    Visual Studio 2008 9.0.30729.1 SP

    XP Pro x64, trying to debug an x64 C++ application

  2. mrphik says:

    Same symptoms as reported by countless developers in countless forums: debugging console window would not go away after "Stop Debugging" is pushed. Our login sessions are littered with zombie consoles. Logging out is impossible: we have to ask someone else with administrative privileges to log us out via the Task Manager.

    Visual Studio 2005 8.0.50727.762 (SP.050727-7600) with all service packs and security updates as of two weeks ago.

    Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, 5.2.3790 SP2 Build 3790

  3. User_12345 says:


    you have described all the symptoms in your post.

    The key to reproducing the bug is stop the process being debugged from the IDE, using "Debug –> Stop Debugging" command.  Closing the process being debugged, ending the process from task manager, or letting the application exit normally does not reproduce the bug (or at least does not result in the above symptoms being shown).

    I imagine a diff of the relevant parts of the OS code that accounts for KB978037 changes should pin-point where / how the problem occurs.

    But a bigger question to ask is how can a window that’s visible on desktop, in the taskbar and in the "applications" list not have a corresponding process in the process table?

    Perhaps the root cause is elsewhere, and this update has simply uncovered one or more bugs elsewhere in the OS.

    If you want better scenarios, perhaps you can share better tools with users to help you pin-point the problem.  If it would be helpful, I am willing to provide diagnostics from any of the public tools (e.g., MS Sysinternals) on csrss.exe or any other processes.

  4. says:

    User_12345: It can happen because the csrss process acts as a console window server and provides the window for the console process. Clearly, csrss is getting ‘lost’ when the debugger clobbers the console process, and the corresponding window isn’t closed.

  5. pmcgarry says:

    I have the same issue – whenever I hit Shift-F5 to stop a C++ console debugging session inside Visual Studio 2008, the console/debug window becomes a zombie.  I am using Visual Studio 2008 on a Dell Precision WorkStation T3400 with XP Pro SP3.  Its been happening ever since about mid-February and it is extremely annoying.  I’m assuming that the same KB978037 update that seems to have broken this is at fault in my installation as well.  I am going to turn off Automatic Updates and see if there is a way I can remove KB978037 to see if that fixes the problem.

    The only way to recover the zombies is to hit the POWER BUTTON on the PC.  You can’t even logoff or restart or shutdown from within Windows once this problem occurs.  This seriously erodes my productivity.

    Interestingly enough, cut-and-paste still work in the zombie window via the Edit/Markfunction, but "Properties" won’t open.  Very strange.  Not sure if that has any bearing or not.

    Also, so far, only using Shift-F5 from within Visual Studio’s debugging session seems to cause the problem.  If instead I exit the program on my own (my console utility closes itself if you hit ESCape), then it seems to be fine.  I haven’t seen it fail with a zombie window when doing it that way (yet?).

  6. pmcgarry says:

    Following up from my earlier post, I was able to boot from my Windows XP Pro DVD (Dell issued) and run the Recovery Console to rollback KB978037.  That seems to have fixed the issue for now.  

    Rolling back KB978037 concerns me though since it apparently fixes an important security hole.  But I can’t afford to be manually powering down my PC (which also affects my RAID array), so I had no choice but to rollback.

  7. Stefan_B says:

    I encounter this problem in an normal SDI Application, where i have a Console Window for Debug outputs.

    The Console is created, written to and closed by following functions:

    static void __fastcall CloseConsole(void){ FreeConsole(); }

    static void __fastcall InitConsole(void) {  AllocConsole();  SetConsoleTitle(_T("DebugOut")); }

    static void __fastcall print(TCHAR *p,…)


    static TCHAR c=0; TCHAR ach[512]; unsigned long cnt;

    va_list args;




    va_end( args );


    FreeConsole is called in the destructor of the Application Object.

    When i am debugging, and hit "Shift+F5" or Menu "Debug" –> "Stop Debugging" the app closes fine like always, but the console window stays open.

    Like everyone else, i cant shutdown windows. Powering off is the only way.

    My System:

    .) Windows XP SP3 + all Patches

    .) Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Version 9.0.30729.4056 QFE)

    On my new Windows 7 Pro PC, this doesnt happen! (VS is at same Version!).

  8. says:

    Just to put a human face on just how this effects people:

    I work for a Big Company, and IT pushes security patches at us automatically via SMS. Strictly speaking I am not allowed to remove the patch and if I did corporate policy would be to fire me.

    Microsoft REALLY needs to get t his fixed, and soon.

  9. says:

    I have found that detaching the debugger (and then killing the child process) doesn’t seem to result in zombie windows.

    The problem appears to have a timing related component since it doesn’t happen consistently on the same machine debugging the same process using the same keystrokes.

  10. rajinitk4 says:

    Me and a couple of my colleagues have experienced the same problem with vs2005/winxp sp3 with win32 console apps.

    Even though debugging session is ended with Shift+F5 console window doesn’t get closed.

    It doesn’t hang in the sense the window can be moved resized and text can be copy pasted from it.

    In Task Manager application is present but process is not. On choosing application -> go to process, it is not found. End Task of application doesn’t work.

    Soft reboot gets halted because OS can not find handle to the process.

    This can be closed only by hard reboot.

  11. mikron30 says:

    Please help. Each time I stop debugging in the middle, I need to hard reset my computer. This is not a way to work. Yesterday I succeeded to continue debugging, without stopping. Each restart might take me 10 minutes to goes up. Any workaround? patch for meanwhile?

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

    Version 9.0.30729.1 SP

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    Version 3.5 SP1

  12. alsina says:

    Un-installing KB978037 fixed this infuriating mess for me.

    I’ve been monitoring the original post here:

    and this one, and since Brad Sullivan setup this blog on 11th March I have seen NO further comments from Microsoft on this. Has anyone seen any news from MS on when this mess is going to be cleaned up?

    What a way to support your development community!

  13. Martin Skibye says:

    Because of this issue, three developers in our department where all independently bug fixing their latest code, believing that it was their local code that caused this, before discovering that it was an MS introduced bug. Because of company policy we do not have the option to uninstall the KB978037 update.

    On basis of the numerous threads relating to this issue we are certainly not alone and I would not dare to imagine the total number of man-hours wasted on debugging and restarting.

    Therefore I find it odd and a bit arrogant that a bug of this magnitude is not prioritized higher by MS. The first reports of this bug go back to early February and in two days this (officially acknowledged bug by MS) thread celebrates one month anniversary without any feeds from MS, even though it was promised that “we will share any information we can as we get it”!

    Finally it could be argued that the threat/damage the important update (KB978037) resolved is somewhat less vital than the potential damage of data caused by repeated hard-reboots / BSODs.

  14. mikron30 says:

    Thanks for the WA, but I can’t uninstall Windows security update due to Visual studio bug.

    I will continue to work without stopping the debugger, and each time I will forget and stop the debugger in the middle by mistake, I will reboot my machine, until a fix will be available.

  15. Jacek Stolcman says:

    It looks like the problem has been fixed; After I installed the latest updates (2010-04-14) I can stop debugging and the console window goes away.

  16. Jacek Stolcman says:

    Sorry, I spoke too soon.  On my second machine, there’s no difference.  This may also be due to me running a different development branch of my software on the other machine.

  17. pauledovw says:

    You can avoid the ‘hung’ console by stopping the debugger via a click on the X of the console itself. Requires 7 seconds of patience (and a second click on ‘Énd now’) , but at least you can avoid having to do any hard resets of your PC.

  18. Steve Carter says:

    Roger Orr  said: "I have found that detaching the debugger (and then killing the child process) doesn’t seem to result in zombie windows."

    Awesome find, thankyou. I have bound Shift-F5 to Debug.DetachAll (Tools -> Options -> Commands -> Keyboard) to remove the human-error element of this workaround, and am back almost to working as normal, awaiting news that MS has fixed this.

  19. kosic says:

    It happends to me when I start debugging and stop the program at certain breakpoint position. After that I start  program again (F5) without stopping debugged one.

  20. ecd says:

    I use VS2005 with XP SP3.  I have all the annoying features of the zombie consoles when I stop the debugger.  My colleague uses VS2008 with the same OS. He said that he uninstalled and reinstalled VS2008, and was able to get rid of the problem.  The same approach with VS2005 did not work for me though.

  21. sirikhum says:

    Brad – Is there any update on this issue?

  22. vv@msn says:

    I use VS2008 (version 9.0.30729.1 SP) with .NET framework version 3.5 SP1, and in particular Visual C++.  This happens quite a lot when i "restart debugging", or when I stop debugging  by closing VS or recompiling; it seems to happen less often if i click "stop debugging" first.

    Please fix this, it’s very very annoying. You know about it for 2 months now!

  23. DOS_User says:

    ETA to Fix?

    Do you have a clue what the problem is or how to fix it? or do you rather recommend everyone switch back to DOS?

  24. h4x says:

    Come on people. Did you REALLY expect speediness/professionalism/competence/courtesy/respect from Microsoft?

  25. DOS_User says:


    While we wait for this fix, does anyone have suggestions on to improve the Bubble Sort inside Microsoft’s File Delete functionality?

    Time is money and I think my money is wasted waiting.

  26. skelker says:

    Encountered this issue this week after running windows updates.  As mentioned several times above, it also happens to me every time I forget and click on stop debugging instead of clicking on the X in the console window or detaching from the process.  Another thing that happened today which might be related is that I had a debug assert window pop up due to calling isspace() with a non-printable character (0xBB).  Once that window popped up, I could no-longer use the mouse. I also had 12 console orphans open due to my inability to break the habit of clicking on debug->stop debugging.  A hard re-boot was required.  I’m now going to attempt to unwind the KB978037 patch.  I have similar install to other posts (XP pro, VS 9.x).

  27. Jason says:

    I managed code by C++ makefile project, when debugging, just F5 and the service will be started automatically according to debugging options(exe, workding dir), but when stop debugging, the window still there with the symptoms exactly the same.

    hope it will be fixed soon.

  28. fengxinziyang says:

    It bothers me for a long time,please fix it asap.

  29. frustrated_developer says:

    developers are not a priority

  30. K-os says:

    Maybe one should remind Monkeyboy of his "Developers, Developers, Developers" performance and how this fits together with not providing a working development environment…

  31. Mikael Andersson says:

    No – the problem is not fixed. I manually removed KB978037 and reapplied it and then ran an update again. Bug reappears. Using vstudio 2008… This is getting on my nerves…. will there ever be a fix for this? I've searched blogs and whatnot and ppl are getting really upset about this.

  32. playmyskay says:

    I hope there will be a fix soon. The whole development-team complains about this bug in my company. The Problem is also that you cannot shutdown your system and you have to press the power off button. Nice if you have a raid-system.

  33. merlinsch says:

    Me and 3 other colleagues are affected by this issue aswell, we all use Windows XP (SP3) and Visual Studio 2005/2008.

    I am really dissappointed about the fact that microsoft doesnt seem to deem this issue important enough to release a fix in time, nor telling us developers when a fix will be available at last.

  34. blah says:

    Microsoft sucks. It's that simple.

  35. Fred says:

    Same Thing here Windows XP + VS 2008 ends up in annoying console windows never dying…

    Plus I'm a corporate user, no way to roll back the update.

  36. Maddin says:

    This is very annoying. fix this bug!

  37. David Mack says:

    WTF.  This is a royal pain in the bum.

  38. Bill Turnbull says:

    WTF.  This is a royal pain in the bum.

  39. kirsitn says:

    Same problem here. Terribly annoying! Debugging C++ in Visual Studio 2008 on Windows XP SP2.

  40. Jeannot Langlois says:

    Was there an official word from Microsoft on this?  Has this been officially fixed?

  41. boogieWoogie says:

    What's worse, I must hard power-down my machine after this orphaned window occurs.  VS2005.  WinXP SP3 Professional, 32-bit arch.

  42. matter says:

    I mapped shift-f5 to DetachAll and also leave a breakpoint set on the return from main. So far so good, no zombie consoles.

    Sometimes when I am done debugging a window pops up asking if I want to debug or close, I just click close, and it does.

  43. me says:

    Does anybody from MS read this or is this topic completely forgotten?

  44. Mikael Andersson says:

    Seems like this blog is archived (if the URL is any hint). Anyone knows if there is an "official" bugtracker where ju can post bug reports and, ideally, see the progress? Almost all open source projects have that feature – perhaps not this bigshot supercompany. They're so bloated with internal quality reports and meetings so that no one really has time to deal with anything, let alone keep the users happy.

  45. Brian says:

    Please fix this bug!!!   Where are you brads????

  46. Joss says:

    Given that you KNOW where this problem comes from can you please get off your arses and fix it?  It's been going on for four months now.  At the very least revert the security patch that caused it.

    It's 'simple' enough to remember to close your console windows manually if you want to stop your application by hand, but hardly helpful if you have a bug that makes your application crash, you know, the sort of thing that happens all the time when you're, you know, DEBUGGING STUFF.


  47. stegre says:

    Please fix this. I lost my O/S after I was forced perform a hard power-down. I eventually restored the O/S after losing nearly a day. Like others, the zombie console windows were left after I performed a "Stop Debugging". My console app is multi-threaded, if that makes any difference.

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

    Version 9.0.30729.1 SP

    (+ 20 hotfixes)

    Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 SP3

  48. stegre says:

    BTW, "Control Panel > Add Remove Programs" says KB978037 "…cannot be removed". Is it advisable to manually run the uninstall from "C:WINDOWS$NtUninstallKB978037$spuninst"?

  49. gianessa says:

    I have the same issue. Per suggestion in other blogs, I tried uninstalling KB978037 but it did not eliminate the problem. Here is my configuration:

    System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Version 5.1.2600 SP3

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

    Version 10.0.30319.1 RTMRel

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    Version 4.0.30319 RTMRel

    Installed Version: VC Express

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010   01013-169-2610014-70984

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

  50. Andre says:

    C'mon be a serious company and FIX THIS BUG.

    Or do you perhaps want me to move to Windows 7 sooner? Hah.

  51. Susan says:

    You cannot close a console window of an application after you stop debugging the application in Visual Studio on a computer that is running Windows XP:…/982551

  52. Jussi says:

    I have noticed that the console window closes nicely if the debugging is ended (Debug->Stop debugging) while the console application is running. Console window does not close if the application execution has been suspended when the Debug->Stop debugging is issued.

  53. Martin Skibye says:


    The HotFix from…/KBHotfix.aspx actually works.

    The only question is why no one from MS has bothered to throw a link in this forum which was actually initiated by MS – Especially when the HotFix file is from the 18th of May?!?

  54. Susan says:

    The KB was just published yesterday.  The hotfix may be dated May, but it takes time to get it tested and published.

  55. Luc C says:

    About the hotfix the article mentions that it only applies to

      * Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3

    So what about the rest of us on other versions of the operatiing system?

    I'm currently working on Windows Server 2003 so I guess I'm still screwed and i'm probably not the only one, I sure hope they're planning to relase this fix for the other versions windows affected by

    MS10-011 / KB978037.

    It's been 4 months already this is simply just unnaceptable

  56. Casimir says:

    The fix seems to be only for the enu-Version of the OS. There are some other languages around in the world !

  57. Meuledor says:

    There is a HotFix for this issue now :…/982551

  58. Yoni Simson says:

    I am very sorry to say that this Hotfix does not do the JOB!!!

    MS Please get your act together and fix this already

  59. Jason says:

    Is there any love for XP SP2 users?

  60. Jason Again says:

    If you start to see this, I highly recommend you use sync.exe from Sysinternals/Microsoft to flush your drive caches before you do the hard reset.…/bb897438.aspx

  61. Martin Skibye says:


    I fully recognize that a new fix must be tested before official release and you have a fair point that the link must be present before it can be posted ;-).

    My main regret still stands though: There has been absolutely NO progress info about the fix development. I think that it would have calmed down a lot of frustrated developers (myself included) if they had had the info that a hotfix was in the pipeline as “early” as at least the 18th of May. This, in my opinion, is not in compliance with the quote stated in the header: “we will share any information we can as we get it”

  62. John says:

    It would have been nice if the progress and availability of this hotfix had been announced somewhere.  Perhaps on a blog dedicated to the Visual Studio Debugger, as a follow up to a post that originally described the issue and promised to provide us with any updates.

  63. Michael Soliman.

    Moin Moin.

    I did install all updates yesterday and the problem does prevail in any(!!!) project using the boost library(I guess it is being named TR1 in msvc.).



  64. Patrick says:

    Seems to be 32 bit only. Can't find 64 bit patch.

  65. Belzer says:

    It's XP only, doesn't install on Windows Server 2003 (Enterprise Edition SP2, x86 32 Bit, DEU).

  66. Hillipsis says:

    I thought it was because of some unreleased class at the first place.

    But even after I totally taken care of all the structures or classes appropriately, this symptom still shows up.

    BTW, in my PC, when this happens, you can't input any word onto the console window.

  67. Luke says:

    Are there any plans for release patch for Windows Server 2003?

  68. dacoup says:

    I'm seeing the issue with Visual C++ 6 on 64-bit Windows 7 (yes, I know it sounds odd).  Any plans to fix this combination?

  69. Ravil says:


    I have the same problem on Win XP Pro SP2 64 bit.

    I have tried to install hot fix (though it is not for 64 bit OS), it shows an error "The updatebr.inf file is invalid".

    I cannot wait when MS releases working fix for 64 bit OS

  70. Patrick Hager says:

    We run Windows XP 64 bit SP2. My group ran into this back in April and have been patiently waiting a fix as well.  For now we are avoiding shift-f5 and close the window via the close button, wait patiently for seven seconds, then click "End now". I havn't seen another post from brads since he started the trhead on March 11th. Are we just talking to each other, or does Microsoft monitor this forum? Looking forward to a fix…

  71. ayw003 says:

    I have the same problem.  The debugger does not close the command window when I hit stop debugging.  It does not happen all the time.  Do not know when it will happen.  I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 version 8.0.50727.762 (SP.050727-7600).  OS is Windows XP Professional version 2002 SP3.

  72. s. king says:

    Wow, here it is July 14th and still no fix…  My system is still suffering from this one and unfortunately I don't always remember to close the window manually in a fast-paced iterative debug session.   If it isn't something that is going to be fixed please just tell us so we won't hold on to any false hope!  "Hello, hello, is there anybody out there?"


  73. r.seale says:

    From my own observations and looking at the sample code others have posted to reproduce this problem, it seems that this only occurs when a file is still open at the time the debugger is halted.  It seems like the stream is being held open in a separate thread, possibly as a result of a mutex deadlock during cleanup.

    Also, it is interesting that the zombied window shows up as a Task, but not as a Process.  In my ignorant opinion, this seems to imply that the cleanup routine has not finished when the owning process terminates.  Granted, that should be impossible, but window zombies with no owning process should also be impossible.

    I have never seen this occur when running a batch file, so I have no observations to add concerning that problem.

  74. RH says:

    Nothing new to add.  I've got the same problem as everyone else, with no solution in sight.  XP64, VS2005.  Often fails when I hit exceptions within windows calls, since I have break-on-exceptions turned on.

    Fixes for 64bit OSs?

  75. Pat says:

    The following hotfix seems to address the problem (for me at least) for x86 machines:…/982551

  76. Swiftsmile says:

    @Pat: Thank you for the link. The hotfix fixed the problem for me. Thanks a ton. I am using XP Professional with SP3, AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-60.

  77. Stephen Smith says:

    I found that in my case, I can select "Detach All" instead of "Stop Debugging" and that will release the console window, which I can CTRL-C out of which won't leave a zombie.  This may be because I have multiple threads and/or console output.

  78. Torre Zuk says:

    Need this hotfix for windows 7 64 bit as well.

  79. Robert says:

    The hotfix at…/982551 now includes a fix for windows server 2003 SP2 (x86, ia64 and x64)

  80. Dave says:

    Have you tried killing the 'vshost' file from the task manager or turning off hosting for the project

  81. NsK says:

    Ok, it's August 31st, I'm on XP pro 32bits SP2, VS 2005, i've installed  the fix:…/en-us , and still got the same issue… :

  82. LeoR says:

    I have installed the hotfix and first it looked OK, but when i changed some code and try to rebuild the program ends with a problem and needs to be closed. But i didn't restart my pc. Now i did and it looks to be working fine.

  83. kd7cmv says:

    I haven't seen anything posted on here since someone reported that the problem was fixed.  I'm still having the problem and am running SP3, so I guess the fix was not wrapped up in SP3.   kb978037 is wrapped up into SP3 so I don't have the option of uninstalling it.  Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of just pulling in all of Microsoft's updates to fix the problem.

  84. kd7cmv says:

    Retract that comment.  What I needed to see was on another page of replies.

    Thanks for all the good information.

  85. Christian says:

    Does the hotfix exist for XP 64bit? I could only find for Server 2003 x64, which won't install itself onto XP.

    I hope I just overlooked it.

    Thanks to everyone out there who shared information about this issue.

  86. Dave143 says:

    I had this problem on XP (32-bit) before applying the hot fix.  I do not seem to have it on W7 64-bit.  Does anyone see it on that platform?


  87. kyewong says:

    I've installed the hotfix of 982551 and restarted my pc, but the same problem still exists. Besides, it occurs randomly.

    I'm using WinXP SP2

    Have u completely solved the problem pls??

  88. IamPissed says:

    This link is broken:…/KBHotfix.aspx

    I don't want to kill my new machine.

    PLEASE fix this bug and give me a patch

    Windows XP sp3 vs2010

  89. Another Sufferer says:

    I have Windows XP 64 and still nothing I can do.

    I conjure Steve Ballmer: Please, we all are developers, developers, developers, developers. Why oh why don't you help us?!

  90. Clive says:

    I have all the latest updates but the problem still occurs.

  91. DavidJ says:

    Like many others I have this issue.  A workaround is to hide the console window or minimize it to the system tray: the freeware app has functionality to do both of these (plus a heck of a lot more useful stuff might I add) which removes the need to restart the machine.  Before anyone asks, I am not the developer of the app and I am not trying to "plug publicity" for it: it is simply a work around for this issue.


  92. Kevin Kuang says:

    So strange website of , I even can not find a download button. There are only a donate button. Are they running in the mode of "Pay before play" ?

  93. dazman10 says:

    It's at the top, under the main logo, in light grey text.  Given, a little hard to see, but here is the link anyway: 🙂

  94. anyuser says:

    Have the same issue as corporate user so I'm not able to uninstall any security updates to fix this issue at least temporary.


     *  Windows XP Professional SP3, 32Bit

     *  Visual Studio 9.0.30729.1 SP

  95. anyuser says:

    Have the same issue as corporate user so I'm not able to uninstall any security updates to fix this issue at least temporary.


     *  Windows XP Professional SP3, 32Bit

     *  Visual Studio 9.0.30729.1 SP


    when starting a gloox xmpp client  instance

  96. -_- says:

    It seems that we'll never get rid of this problem.

  97. RJVB says:

    I'm being bitten by this bug too. Haven't yet tried the patch, but I'm wondering if there isn't a possibility to grab the window's handle somehow and then destroy it through the appropriate call?

  98. Izzy says:

    I'm a corporate user using a virtual machine and it takes days to get my machine rebooted because I always have to reassure our service desk several times that its OK to reboot even though I'm not logged out. Frustrating!

    I've read masses of forums on this topic and the comments to this blog seem to indicate that there is a hotfix that solves the problem. Several posts link to…/982551. Would it be possible for the author of this blog to state once and for all that the problem is fixed, or at least, under what circumstances this hotfix fixes the problem?

  99. Joshua says:

    Hi guys,

    As a solution, it has been suggested to uninstall KB978037

    I searched for it and my machine found this file:    (date modified 14/12/2009)

    Do you actually mean removing this file, by goig to its directory and deleting it???


  100. zproxy says:

    Just experienced this issue on Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (updated) via Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

    Application window belongs to a process that does not exist.

    Application window will not close yet the user can interact with it.

  101. Roy says:

    Is there a solution to this problem for Windows 7 ?

  102. Victor (Piligrim) says:

    The same situation…

    It seems to me that problem occurs in case when we allocating some portion of memory at debugging and after that stop debug process (I mean memory isn't free). So, logically to assume that debugger doesn't clear memory at this case….

  103. Sean Connor says:

    Hi, this bug just started for me today.  I'm using windows Vista.

    Program had previously been running fine.

    I can close the program with the cross on the window, but it should close by itself.  Please explain how to fix.

  104. Mike says:

    Windows 7 x64. Apache console window is not closed at shutdown sometimes. The same sympthoms – no process, cannot close window by clicking at X, but window still alive – can be resized etc.

  105. triStoneL says:

    3 years passed, this bug still exist in Windows 7 x64 and visual studio 2012.

  106. Tony says:

    The same issue is in Windows 7 x64 and visual studio 2012.

  107. Dmitriy says:

    Windows 7 x64 Visual Studio 6.0 Sp6 – this bug present

  108. Toudi says:

    It might be the problem in the OS itself- not just Visual Studio.

    Windows 8 64bit

    Both Code::Blocks and Dev C++

  109. says:

    Env: Win7 x64 VS2010.

    Everytime I fix this problem by the steps below.

    First, close vc.

    Second, in console, press any key like 'a'/'b'/'c' and press ENTER key, sometimes I select IME and input Chinese words.

    Then, the console thread seems to return to message loop and exits.

    I guess, it could be waiting a keyboard interrupt.

  110. Sunding Wei says:

    Hey, I experienced with this issue on Windows 7 x64 + VS2008 SP1. No KB978037 installed, when I start to debug the console application, it just hangs.

    Microsoft still has no fix for this bug?

  111. James Heuring says:


    Set a bookmark on the last curly brace of the "main" function.

    Wherever you are in the debugger where you want to quite the debug session go to the bookmarked end curly brace and "Set next statement" to the end of the main. Then 55 to execute..

    You will get an error; however, the console window will close properly and you don't need to restart Dev Studio.

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