DebugDiag 2 Update 2 is now available


The DebugDiag development team is back with a new release!  We are very excited to announce the general availability of DebugDiag 2 Update 2.

A number of fixes and features are included in this release.  A summary of these enhancements is as follows:


      • Resolved issue with High CPU in dbghost due to exception monitoring when the target throws high rate of exceptions
      • Resolved issue with memory leak in dbghost due to bug in sos.dll
      • Added Autoupdate security enhancements
      • Fixes in leaktrack native memory tracking
      • Resolved Breakpoint issue against .net 4.6 targets
      • A number of exceptions during analysis are resolved
      • New report format with greatly improved organization and filtering
      • Introduced latest Microsoft.Diagnostics.Runtime.dll
      • Added support for analysis of .net 4.6 targets
      • A number of new analysis checks are added
      • …etc.


The release is available here:


Please email dbgdiag at Microsoft dot com for issues


Thank you


The DebugDiag Development Team




Comments (8)
  1. I get an error when analysing crash dump says:

    At end of report:

    Size of Web Caches in the process

    MemoryAnalysis – v (  Completed

    CrashHangAnalysis – v ( Completed

    DotNetMemoryAnalysis – v (  Failed

    Dump File:  C:Work_filesMy_proc_21116_N0S5_2015-11-16_09-29-05.dmp;

    Type:  System.InvalidOperationException

    Message:  Reading invalid pointer

    Stack Trace:

    em DebugDiag.AnalysisRules.DotNetMemoryAnalysis.ObjRef.Enqueue(UInt64 addr, ClrHeap heap, ClrType possibleType, Queue`1 queue, HashSet`1 seenObjs)

    em DebugDiag.AnalysisRules.DotNetMemoryAnalysis.ObjRef.GetFieldReferences(ClrHeap heap, Queue`1 queue, HashSet`1 seenObjs)

    em DebugDiag.AnalysisRules.DotNetMemoryAnalysis.ObjRef.QueueReferencedObjects(ClrHeap heap, Queue`1 queue, HashSet`1 seenObjs)

    em DebugDiag.AnalysisRules.DotNetMemoryAnalysis.ObjSizeHelper.ObjSize(ClrHeap heap, ClrType objType, UInt64 objAddress)

    em DebugDiag.AnalysisRules.DotNetMemoryAnalysis.ObjSizeHelper.ObjSize(ClrRuntime clr, UInt64 objAddress)

    em DebugDiag.AnalysisRules.DotNetMemoryAnalysis.BangObjSize(String obj)

    em DebugDiag.AnalysisRules.DotNetMemoryAnalysis.PrintCacheSize()

    em DebugDiag.AnalysisRules.DotNetMemoryAnalysis.DoDotNetMemoryAnalysis()

    em DebugDiag.AnalysisRules.DotNetMemoryAnalysis.RunAnalysisRule(NetScriptManager manager, NetProgress progress)

    em DebugDiag.DotNet.NetAnalyzer.RunAnalysisRulesInternal(DumpFileType bitness, NetProgress progress, String symbolPath, String imagePath, String reportFileFullPath, Boolean twoTabs, AnalysisModes analysisMode)

  2. Luiz Salamon (LSALAMON#GMAIL.COM) says:

    I miss my name at error information.


  3. onurg says:

    I was trying Rule Builder Designer from the Help Document. In Using the RuleBuilder section it says

    " The same way, add another argument and name it ManagedException and set the type to Microsoft.Diagnostics.Runtime.ClrException."  However I don't see any ClrException type if I search for the type in References window. What am I missing ?

  4. Ganesh says:

    Great! Thanks for your efforts guys!!!

  5. I am getting the same error as Luiz

  6. Mike says:

    Can't get "Monitor for leaks" to work with Windows store apps.  Normal desktop apps work fine.  Tried with the built-in windows store apps so not specific to my app.

    Any ideas?

  7. mwilson64 says:

    I get the following errors when running the new version of DebugDiag Analysis on a Windows 2008 R2 Server with SP1:

    One or more errors occurred.

    System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

      at System.Net.WebClient.OpenRead(Uri address)

      at DebugDiag.Analysis.AutoUpdate.GetWebContent(String pathToLatestFiles)

      at DebugDiag.Analysis.AutoUpdate.IsHostProcessOutOfDate_http(String pathToLatestFiles, Boolean throwIfFileMissing)

      at DebugDiag.Analysis.AutoUpdateVM.CheckForUpdatesInternal()

      at DebugDiag.Analysis.AutoUpdateVM.CheckAndInstallUpdatesInternal()

      at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()

    Is it trying to hit the web to perform updates?

  8. Rory says:

    Thanks for DebugDiag, it's fantastic! But I'm also finding it very slow to analyze: I'm analyzing 4 minidumps plus a full dump (default output) of a .net web application. Minidumps are 3mb, full is 740mb. It's been running for over 3 hours now but Debug.Diag.Analysis.exe is only using around 45mb ram, 5% cpu, and my disk utilization is very low … so I wonder what it's doing that is taking so long and if there's any way I can speed things up?

    I'm on a surface pro 3, running win 10 pro. Not the fastest machine around but i5 cpu, SSD and 8GB ram and it's not doing much else except waiting for this debugdiag analysis to finish.

    Any suggestions?



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