The SQL CE and IIS 7.5 story:

Last week I thought I should migrate my SQL CE 3.5 sample applications connecting and opening a Sql Compact Edition Database from Windows Server 2003 to Windows 7. In fact, I tried migrating them both to Win 7 and Win 2008 R2 and straight away ran into issues. I worked on it further on figured…


How to enable SQL*Net Client Side Tracing

How many times we have run into issues with client applications/SSIS Packages connecting to Oracle Databases and erroring out intermittently? Well, I have run into such scenarios on numerous occasions and the intermittent nature of the error makes it really difficult to figure out the root cause of such issues. In such cases I have…


SSIS Attunity Teradata Connector 1.0

Folks,   I just worked on an issue where one of our partners were not able to run SSIS Packages using the Attunity Teradata Connector 1.0 for SSIS. Details of the error message is documented below:    Connectivity to Teradata is fine, in SSIS designer we can also “Preview” the data and map the Columns….


SSIS SAP BI Connector 1.0

Folks,   I just handled a scenario with Customer using SAP BI Connector 1.0 for SSIS. I wanted to share the known issue I have encountered and the steps to resolve this. While the SAP BI side configurations continue to remain a sort of a black box for us, I am seeing that most Customers are…


SSIS – An OLEDB Error Has Occurred

Title:: DTS_E_OLEDBERROR This is a very generic error and can occur due to multiple reasons. I am documenting as much as of them based on Case studies. Refer to the description and the error codes for each of the unique errors.   A: +++   Error:    “DTS_E_OLEDBERROR. An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code:…


Good Old Connectivity Issue with Oracle in x64 Environment

When you try to develop an SSIS package in x64 Environment in BIDS that connects to a Oracle Database, you will invariabely run into connectivity issues if the installed Oracle Client tools version is (x86). You will obviously need to install the 32-BIT version of Oracle Client to communicate with BIDS which is a 32-BIT application !…