Skype Meeting Broadcast: Enables You to Host Meeting with up to 10,000 Attendees

Each day, I have the opportunity to help our Awesome customers solve their business challenges with Microsoft solutions. Today, I worked with a customer who wanted to host “All Hands”/Company Wide meetings where their CEO delivers a message to all employees.  I shared with them that in their Office 365 subscription, they own a solution called…


Configuring TMG for accessing Office 365 Lync

I encountered some issues accessing Lync in O365.  I ran the connectivity test (at: and noticed that even though I created an “Allow outbound” rule through TMG, the tests were failing.  So, I went through the TMG config and opened up the ports identified by the test.   See attached pdf for TMG config steps. 2012-10-25-lync-tmg-config.pdf


Lync 2013 on a Mac

I have been working with alot of customers with Mac’s.   They have been asking me how does Lync 2013 work on a Mac.   Microsoft has Lync 2011 client for a Mac. Today, I ran some tests with the Lync 2011 for Mac connecting to a Lync 2013 server.  Also, I tested the new Lync 2013…


OCS R2 Clients against Lync Server

Recently, I got a question if Office Communicator R2 client will work against the Lync Server.  This is documented extensively at:    


Lync 2010RC : Some lessons learned testing upgrade from OCS2007 R2 to Lync 2010RC

I have begun testing with Lync 2010 RC.  In my environment, I have OCS 2007 R2 and  Exchange 2010 with UM deployed.  I added Lync 2010 to the environment.  I can blog about that process if people are interested.  Today, I learned some things about the process of moving people from OCS 2007 R2 to Lync and also some interop…