Running Skype For Business With a Thin Client or on Linux with Citrix

Each day, I have the opportunity to help our Awesome customers solve their business challenges with Microsoft solutions.

A couple weeks ago, a large insurance company asked me how to provide Skype For Business to their agents.  They support their agents with a thin client using a Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  Fortunately, we can meet this customer's requirements working with our great partner, Citrix.  With Citrix solutions, we can provide Skype For Business through thin clients.

Another common request that I get is how to provide Skype For Business to users with Linux machines.  Again, working with our partner, Citrix, we can provide Skype For Business for people using a Linux desktop.

As a result of this requests, I reached out to our friends at Citrix and recorded a webcast showcasing the integration of Skype For Business with Citrix.  You can find it here.  Also, more information can be found here.



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