Expression Encoder 3 Visual Basic Samples

We shipped Expression Encoder 3 with a bunch of samples that demonstrated various aspects of the Expression Encoder 3 SDK. Some of them were shipped as C# only. Thanks to some good folks in Visual Studio these are now available in Visual Basic in the following CodePlex project. Expression Encoder 3 Visual Basic Samples You…

Coming Soon: Expression Encoder 3

James has just updated the Expression Encoder blog with details of Expression Encoder 3. The product that has been keeping us busy for a while now. Once it’s out I’ll try to post a little bit more than I have in the past 🙂 Link

Editing files with Encoder

In Encoder V2 we added the ability to edit multiple sections out of a video/audio file and this can also be accomplished with the Expression Encoder SDK. MediaItem has a property called SourceClips which contains the list of clips for that media item. When you create a MediaItem it starts with one clip that encompasses…



When encoding files using the Expression Encoder SDK, you may find there are times when you want to examine the current metadata and/or change the metadata on the file you’re creating. Let’s say you want to go through all the metadata items on an item, you can do something like this. MediaItem mediaItem = new…

Expression Encoder 2 SP1 SDK

As you may have heard Expression Encoder 2 SP1 is now available to download. We’ve been putting the final touches to the updated SDK which will included an updated help file, intellisense files and some samples in C# and now also in Visual Basic. The SDK should be released soon.


Expression Encoder 2 SP1

If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been doing for last few months we’ve now announced Expression Encoder SP1 over on the Expression Encoder team blog. You’ll find quite a few new features and some nice bug fixes and this will be a free upgrade to to Expression Encoder 2.


Expression Encoder and VB.NET

As James recently posted on the Expression Encoder team blog, we’ve just released an update to Expression Encoder 2 so that if you wish to use our object model from Visual Basic.NET you can now do that. Download link


Expression Encoder 2 SDK released

We released the Encoder SDK today. You can download it from the following location. Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 2 SDK Once installed, it will create a Start Menu shortcut under Microsoft Expression which opens an explorer window to the SDK directory. The SDK installs a couple of XML files which enable intellisense comments within Visual Studio….