A Sad Day

I’ve just noticed that Syon Bhattacharya passed away yesterday after fighting stomach cancer through a post on Larry Ostermans’s blog I never really knew Syon but he was instrumental in the early days of MovieMaker when we were hooking up Direct Show Editing Services to publish files for the first time (even before the days of…


Effects on the timeline

As promised on my post about transitions, here is how effects work. Effects are very similar to transitions, except that instead of having two inputs they just have one input. They take the video frames in, apply whatever effect they’re implementing on the frames and then send them to the output. For the following diagram…


Transitions on the timeline

On my Collections vs Timeline Preview post rehan asked an interesting question about where transitions and effects fit in the graph. Well let’s find out shall we? Brushing off my video editing skills, I made the following MovieMaker timeline. I imported the Windows Movie Maker Sample File, dragged it down to the timeline twice, and…


Collection Preview vs. Timeline Preview

If you drag one clip to the timeline within Windows Movie Maker and preview it you may think that the process that goes on is very similar to when you preview the clip within the collection view. Well, although there are a few similarities there are a lot of differences. When we preview the clip…


Learning to Fly

Saw this link on Mikehall’s blog. It’s a video teaching people how to fly in Halo 2 by using the sword. Pretty cool stuff and the video was made in Windows Movie Maker 2 too.


Halo 2

Halo 2 has been out for almost a week now and I haven’t mentioned it on my blog? What kind of blogger can I be? Well we probably have a biased view of things up here in Redmond but it seems like everyone was talking about it last week. I did pick it up, but…


Improving your movie’s sound

Want to make your home movie sound like a Hollywood movie, then you need to check out http://www.filmsound.org. There’s a lot of information here, including the invaluable Film Sound Clichés which amongst other things will tell you that. Car breaks must always squeak Every button you press on a computer makes some kind of beep Thunder is…


PhotoStory 3 is released today

PhotoStory 3 is released today and the great news is that it’s free for verified Windows XP owners. Sean Alexander writes about some of the new features on his blog. I think using PhotoStory and MovieMaker together is a great combination to turn your photos and video into a compelling movie. I’ll have to write…


DVD Burning with Movie Maker in Media Center 2005

I thought some of you might be interested in more details on how the Save to DVD option works in Movie Maker in Media Center 2005. ISV’s can register their programs so they appear in the list of applications available when the Save To DVD option is selected. There is now an article on MSDN…


Intelligent Software

Most times I love what software can do and sometimes I just sit in wonder. Just the other day on one of my PC’s at home, up popped everyone’s friend the Desktop Cleanup Wizard. It offered to clean up my desktop. It was so polite, how could I refuse? It told me I had one…