Expression Encoder 2 SDK released

We released the Encoder SDK today. You can download it from the following location.

Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 2 SDK

Once installed, it will create a Start Menu shortcut under Microsoft Expression which opens an explorer window to the SDK directory.

The SDK installs a couple of XML files which enable intellisense comments within Visual Studio.

There is a Docs folder which contains the help file along with a PNG of the object hierarchy which can be printed if desired.

You'll also see a Samples directory which contain the actual samples. If you're running Vista and you want to build the samples directly from this location, remember that you'll probably need to run Visual Studio elevated.

The help file contains an introduction, details on the samples, the API reference and a few other bits and pieces.


We hope you find this useful, and please send us your feedback.

Comments (3)

  1. glupwillie says:

    I think "intellisense" is the best invention for an IDE, ever! Dont know how I ever got along without it.

  2. DeeJay says:

    I created a movie maker file with our new toshiba laptop. I put in all of our slides but I also used some you tube footage I captured on the new version of firefox, converted it to avi using a flv to avi converter. Works great on screen but when I publish it to DVD it plays sound but black screen. I went on line a saw to uncheck avi decompressor, but then it hangs up at 12% and said there was an unexpected failure. Help?

  3. Dean Rowe says:

    Are you adding the MovieMaker project to DVD Maker? If you publish the MovieMaker project to an AVI file, does that file play back OK?



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