Microsoft Silverlight

Today we announced Microsoft Silverlight a new cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for developing rich applications for the web. (Microsoft Silverlight was previously known as the lovely acronym WPF/E)

Along with this we're also announcing Expression Media Encoder, which is the product I've been working on since leaving the Video Memories Group. We've been working very closely with the Silverlight team so that you can import your video files into Expression Media Encoder and with a minimal amount of work create very cool and compelling video Silverlight experiences for the web.

If you happen to be at NAB this week, stop by the Microsoft booth and you should be able to check out our very own James Clarke, who will be doing some cool demos of Expression Media Encoder. We should also have a video up on Channel 9 soon with James showing off the product.

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  1. Julian says:

    "Cross-platform" apparenttly

    means Windows or Mac only.

    No Linux or *BSD,

    or Solaris versions.

  2. gregarican says:

    Will Silverlight support .NET programming? The last update to WPF/E didn’t include such support IIRC…

  3. Dean Rowe says:

    The Silverlight team haven’t made any announcements yet about Linux or .NET programming. Tim Sneath talked briefly about this issue at

  4. minik peri says:

    Cool blog

    I hope everybody read this article

    thank you for infos

  5. Dean Rowe says:


    You’ll be happy to see we today we announced .NET programming for Silverlight.



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