Windows Vista and Office 2007 launched

Cool to finally see the launch of Vista and Office 2007 and nice to see the mentions and the flashes of DVD Maker's UI in the video segments. You can catch the webcast on demand on the Microsoft web site.

I'm going to try to join the "Expert Zone" chat tomorrow where they'll be talking about Vista. Come on by if you have questions about Windows DVD Maker or the new Movie Maker.

Windows XP Expert Zone Chats

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  1. says:

    So what is the deal with Movie Maker?   Is it a real program?  It does not work on my system.  I have XP SP2 but every time I load it it gives "encountered a problem and needs to close message".  I try to find it on the MS site, can’t find it to download.  Sign up for updates, which I already have done and it says I am up to date.   So next I going to go out and buy Adobe because I can’t get Movie Maker to work and want to delete it from my system and it does not show up in my control panel to remove.   So it does not even follow Microsoft guidlines for software because I can not even uninstall it from my system.  It seems like a good program on my kids pc but I need it on my pc and Microsoft leaves me out in the cold.  Fustrated…

  2. Dean Rowe says:

    I certainly hope it’s a real program – otherwise I’m not sure what I’ve been doing for the last several years :-).

    You’re probably running into a problem with a component in DirectShow which causes MovieMaker to crash if you have a lot of DirectShow filters registered on your system. The good news is that this is no longer a problem with MovieMaker in Vista and there is also a work around for MovieMaker in XP.

    For MovieMaker in XP you basically need to find one or more of the video type applications that you have installed and temporarily rename the folder(s) that they’re installed in. Then start MovieMaker and hopefully it’ll start succesfully. Once it’s started OK you can then rename those application folders back to their original names.

    Certainly feel free to send me an email if you’re still having problems.

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