Windows Movie Maker on Vista

We're releasing more details about Windows Movie Maker on Vista. Check out the following link for a few more details.


One of the most exciting features (besides the fact that you can now use Windows DVD Maker to publish your MovieMaker projects directly to DVD), is that we now take advantage of the graphics processor on your video card. This means that you're no longer limited to the 320 x 240 preview that we currently have in MovieMaker on Windows XP.

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  1. PatriotB says:

    Ok, the black menu bar & toolbar… is this final?  Is this going to be the standard for all Vista applications?  I don’t care whether it’s black or not, just as long as all apps look the same 🙂

  2. Dean Rowe says:

    Actually I’m not sure if it’s always black or if that’s final. However we do pick up the settings from Vista so it will have a standard look and feel across applications.

  3. Nicholas says:

    This looks awesome, and glad to hear it uses hardware acceleration. Rock on!

  4. Rob says:

    Vista has a great look

    I was wondering if the following mm2 issues are addressed by MM in vista.

    – mpeg2 support (and MP4 support) given these appear to be formats that will have strong support in the video industry (jvc everio, etc).

    – quality of DV-AVI rendering – remembering discussions in the newsgroup on the ‘filter’ placed on DV-AVI rendering to ‘support older TV’s’

    – dropped frame issue for ntsc rendering

    – enabling of a single frame cut rather than two frames



  5. Dean Rowe says:

    Hi Rob,

    We have done work to ensure that if you have a codec installed so that your content plays back fine it has a much better chance of working within Windows MovieMaker in Vista. Just recently I imported an MP4 file into MovieMaker dragged it to the timeline, did some edits and published it to WMV and it all worked fine.

    The “smoothing” filter has been removed so DV-AVI files will now publish sharper.

    I’ll have to do more investigation on the dropped frame issue. Are you talking about if you’re publishing from an NTSC DV file to another NTSC DV file?

    The preview now also runs at 30fps instead of the 15fps in MovieMaker 2.1, so you should be able to trim down to an individual frame.


  6. Rob says:

    Great progress! The smoothing filter and the 15fps issues were my greatest problems. Now I have to choose whether to upgrade now or wait for Vista! 🙂

    Mpeg2 is a key support issue for a lot of people due to dvd cams and the jvc everio. So I am very interested in any Mpeg2 tests

    The dropped frame issue is related to publishing out of Windows MovieMaker to DV-AVI. I am not sure that the source matter. There is an issue that evey 27th (?) frame is dropped. There has been a lot of discussion on this in the WMM newsgroup and Papajohns ( website.


  7. Rob says:

    Hi Dean,

    What, if anything, will I need to do to:

    1. Transfer my xml developed on MM2?

    2. Has any investigation occured on 3rd party tools such as Rehanfx, Adorage, Pixelan products?

    (I am also asking this question of the developers)


  8. Dean Rowe says:

    Hi Rob,

    Yes there will be an updated MovieMaker Effects/Transitions SDK available. Unfortunately I don’t have an ETA on when it will be released publicly, but we will be working with the 3rd party transtion/effect companies.



  9. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    What’s the role DirectShow is taking now? Is it replaced? I’m fed up with all those DirectShow versus WMP specific libraries? Any clarification welcome.

  10. Dean Rowe says:

    DirectShow and the Windows Media SDK are still there in Vista



  11. James Yan says:

    Wow,looks cool,waiting for ur great work!

    but where’s classic timeline for MM2? there only story-pad availabe in that new version?


  12. Dean Rowe says:

    Thanks for the comments James.

    Don’t worry the timeline view is still there.



  13. Derek Bowen says:

    Will the new version of Moviemaker be availiable to download for uses of XP?


  14. Dean Rowe says:

    Hi Derek,

    The new MovieMaker only comes with Vista and requires Vista to run.



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