Earthquake Effect

Someone over on the WindowsMovie Maker.NET forums wanted an Earthquake effect.

Link - Earth Quake Effect ?

jeb314 replied with a little XML snipped to create a custom effect based upon the Age filter. He modified the parameters to turn the Age value down to 0 and the FilmJerkiness up at 255. I thought this was a cool and very simple way of using one of the existing effects in a way it wasn’t originally intended.
Very cool.

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  1. Typhoon121 says:

    Good to see you blogging again we did not lose you as one of the been there done that. Anyway is there any chance of seeing some of these homebrewed effects in a future release of Movie Maker? Also in Movie Maker 2.1 is there no help about the compatibility tab a simple oversight maybe.

  2. Dean Rowe says:

    Yes, I’m still here. Things have just been a little crazy at work so I haven’t had as much time to post as I’ve hopped.

    I can’t comment on exactly what effects will be in a future version of MovieMaker, but hopefully there will be somethings to make folks happy.

    Yes, I guess we just never got time to update the help file for Movie Maker 2.1. I’ll check to make sure we can correct this in the next version.

  3. Typhoon121 says:

    Is there a way to strip off audio from video. Not just mute all of the volume and produce then use the other audio track but a way to strip off the audio so you can write over both audio tracks.

  4. Dean Rowe says:

    Not directly. Although not ideal, you can always publish out your movie with one added audio track. Then import your published file back into MovieMaker and then laydown another audio track.



  5. Typhoon121 says:

    The problem is we are attempting to do a video over video where you start out with say a desk shot then go to another shot of say something outside but want the same desk person to keep talking. The fact that you link the audio and the video when you import it to the stroyline is a big limitation when compared to say Imovie for mac. Could this be looked into for the next version of movie maker 2.2 or whatever.

  6. Dean Rowe says:

    You can do this by placing the video you want on the timeline and then splitting it where you’re going to make the cut. Drag the second piece (containing the audio you want) from the video track to the audio track. Then add the second piece of video to the video track and mute its audio. Hopefully this will do the trick for you.



  7. Typhoon121 says:

    Worked like a charm although not the ideal way to do this (When the audio and video are not not linked is the better way) it worked and the students video came out Great. Cant wait for your next blog entry and Hopefully movie maker 2.2 also

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