DVD Burning with Movie Maker in Media Center 2005

I thought some of you might be interested in more details on how the Save to DVD option works in Movie Maker in Media Center 2005. ISV’s can register their programs so they appear in the list of applications available when the Save To DVD option is selected. There is now an article on MSDN which describes how this works.




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  1. rehan says:

    Is this registry trick possible with non-MCE winxp? Or is there a check in the movie maker to allow it for only MCE?

  2. Dean Rowe says:

    There is extra code as well as the registry entries, so this will only work on MCE machines.

  3. rehan says:

    Ah, I was thinking of writing a script using freeware tools such as bbmpeg and dvdauthor…

    So it is a case of another artificial limitation just to make one product (MCE) seem better than the other (xp home/pro)?

    Other such limits that made me frustrated are:

    1. Picture and transition duration in options dialog — why can one not enter any value in milli secs rather than do a large increment using the up/down controls. These values are stored in milliseconds in the registry anyway. (I have a vb script to modify the registry entries directly and it works: http://www.rehanfx.org/tips.htm)

    2. Why is the mswmm file not editable using a text editor; it is mostly xml… the timeline portion in particular seems the standard directshow xml timeline. But for some reason it wont allow any values to be changed as it uses checksums to verify file contents. Is it not the case of over engineering to protect the project file contents with checksums?

    3. Not being able to use the alpha in the still images (png/gif). It seems the alpha channel is just discarded. Although the entire framework is clearly able to work with the alpha…

  4. Dean Rowe says:

    I realize it probably wasn’t the answer you were looking for, however there are a whole bunch of reasons why this is only in MCE. There are issues with the licensing of the code which does the DVD burn probably along with other issues that I’m not aware of.

    As to your other points.

    1. I think this was probably just an issue with the UI. I’ll enter a bug in our database to see if we can change this for the next version.

    2. If we open up the format, then that brings with it a lot of work to test all the different things that could be thrown into it. You could probably come up with a representation of the timeline that MovieMaker wouldn’t support. Maybe it couldn’t draw it; there are a lot of things to test. At the end of the day we have to prioritize the list of features we want to do with the amount of time we have available and unfortunately this one doesn’t make the list.

    3. Most of the MovieMaker pipeline runs at RGB24 (including the source filter for still images) which is why you don’t get the alpha channel. However I’ll certainly enter a bug to see if this is something we could enable in the next version.



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