Where can you get GraphEdit?

For those that are interested in checking out the DirectShow GraphEdit tool as talked about in the So what’s the difference between a filter and a codec? post, you can download it as part of the DirectX SDK. Once installed I believe a menu shortcut is created for the tool or you can look for the file graphedt.exe.

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  1. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    I hope you understand you are asking people to download and install a 233MB package, only to run a 100kb tool.

    It also impresses me that it doesn’t seem to occur to Microsoft that releasing the source code for the graph editor — after all these years — would certainly help in grasping the otherwise extremely criptic and lacking documentation on the subject.

    Well, a bad documentation allows to sell more books. But what are we talking about here?

  2. Dean Rowe says:

    Yes I realize it’s a rather big download but it obviously includes a lot of other useful stuff as well as the graphedit utility.

    There’s actually quite a bit of DirectShow documentation up there on MSDN. However if there are any areas you feel are lacking, please let me know and I’ll forward your feedback on to the relevant folks.



  3. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    Anything like anonymous filters (instantiated as part of the multimedia stream interfaces), frame-accurate playing, a true capture grabbing mechanism, the difference of behavior between what happens with the graph editor, and what happens with code. The difference of behavior of the multimedia stream interfaces with the graph builder. Barely scratched the surface.

    This been asked for years, and if you take a look at the directshow newsgroup, you’ll see that developers are still asking questions that they shouldn’t have to ask.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "[…]you can download it as part of the DirectX SDK.[…]"

    Graphedit isn’t included in latest release of Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK Update – (October 2004). Please, look for it in DX SDK Summer 2004.

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