Movie Maker 2.1

As I said in my introduction we've just released Windows XP SP2. This contains Version 2.1 of Windows Movie Maker which contains a few new features and a bunch of bug fixes. Over the next few days I'll try to talk about some of the work we've done in this release.

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  1. Thumbnail generator for web/RSS consumption? Videoblogs going forward? Flash movie support?

  2. Don says:

    Can we download movie maker without sp2. We do not want to install sp2 due to the 16 app issue…


  3. Yoel says:

    can’t they just put up a direct link to the MOVIE MAKER 2 ONLY?

  4. Dean Rowe says:

    MovieMaker 2.1 uses other fixes that are part of SP2 so it was only tested and is available as part of SP2. So although theoretically you could copy the MovieMaker bits from an SP2 machine to an SP1 machine it would be an unsupported configuration and I’d strongly recommend against doing it.

    I’m sorry that may not be the answer some people are looking for but for the reasons above that’s the way it is.



  5. Lim Kok Seng says:

    But where is windows movie maker 2.1 in the sp2(i got the sp2 cd).

    Please reply As Soon As Possible.


  6. Mike Juckes says:

    Some folk are not on the internet at home but would like to install movie maker v2.1.

    What is the problem with making it available for download?

    The French version is available in many places

  7. Dean Rowe says:

    If you’ve installed SP2 you should get Movie Maker 2.1 automatically. You can verify this by launching Movie Maker from the Start…Programs menu and then clicking Help…About from the Movie Maker menu. The About Windows Movie Maker dialog box should appear and it should say Windows Movie Maker Version 2.1.4026.0 within the dialog.

  8. I.H.H says:

    HI guys, and there no link to download movie maker v2.1 its come with SP2.

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