Doughnut to Sphere

I can’t remember who turned me on to Ze Frank, but it is a welcome break once in a while.  Today’s episode’s discussion of the Field Medal is hilarious.

Playing with Writer

Though hardly breaking news at this point, I’ll point folks to the new Windows Live Writer blog posting tool.  I’ve been playing with it for a couple weeks no (we were under quarantine about talking about it) and like it pretty much so far (though I still have a tendency to use the web interface Community…


Floating Bed

I saw a lead photo for this article.  A Dutch designer created a floating bed based on magnetic attraction/repulsion.  It looks pretty nice.  The article talks about folks with piercings not having issues, unless they go underneath it (say to dust or sweep or whatever).  Seems to me I’d probably want to lay off using…


Meeting the legend

I’m traveling to Redmond next week with a customer for a briefing.  One of the evenings we are scheduled to have dinner with the legend, Robert Scoble himself.  Even with all the hatin’ he’s been getting in the Mini comments lately (which I agree, have become quite unproductive – but like an auto accident are hard…

On being your family’s tech support

Though I can’t say I’ve been through anything quite this rough, everyone I know has been through some form of this.


Mmmm Coffee

Though it has been open since April, I’ve only just discovered the new Dunn Bros. Coffee shop on Capitol in Pewaukee.  Those from the Minneapolis area will know this place for sure.  For the initiated Dunn Bros claim to fame is how freshly roasted the coffee is – they roast it right in the store. …

Alton Brown in Milwaukee tonight!

According to his web site, Alton Brown of Good Eats fame (the nerd’s chef) is going to be in the Milwaukee area this evening at Harry Schwartz books in Brookfield.  I’m definitely going to try and make it there, if the snow doesn’t keep me away.