On being "super excited"

Dare posted on this last week, but I got my second email today where someone was “super excited” to be doing something and almost screamed.  We really need to remove this from the venacular. It has gotten to the point that I honestly tune out after either reading or hearing that phrase.


Code Access Security and User Controls

About a week ago I helped troubleshoot an issue where a customer wrote a WinForms User Control and she was trying to use it on a form she was developing.  When she dragged it from the toolbox, she was getting the following error: An exception occurred while trying to create an instance of Contoso.XP2.AuthorList.  The exception was “Request for the…


Sweet looking car

I realized I’d left my phone in my car, so I took a quick jaunt out there to go grab it, and this was parked in the lot (no its not mine): I’d only seen one of these on some high concept Ford commercial (as in, “look we have wicked looking cars!  Now go buy…


Meeting the legend

I’m traveling to Redmond next week with a customer for a briefing.  One of the evenings we are scheduled to have dinner with the legend, Robert Scoble himself.  Even with all the hatin’ he’s been getting in the Mini comments lately (which I agree, have become quite unproductive – but like an auto accident are hard…


"Invalid Parameter" when receiving from a remote queue

I’m backing up a colleague who is out on vacation this week and got an interesting issue from one of his customers.  They’d implemented a simple Windows Service in C# (v1.1) to read messages from a remote MSMQ queue.  The issue they ran into is when the server the remote queue went down, they’d get…


New customer

I just got assigned a new customer yesterday, which is pretty cool.  My account load has been less than full time as of late, so some additional work is definitely welcome these days. Since Channel 9 isn’t planning on stopping by anytime soon, I’ve been kicking around the idea of a series of posts to…


Winforms and threading

There has been a recent discussion internally amongst the ADC’s in my region* about threading and WinForms.  I originally cut my teeth in Windows programming by writing a multi-threaded NT Service that ran on a Alpha based Windows NT 3.51 system (who coined the term “Wintel”?  I had a copy of Visual C++ 4.0 for…