Doughnut to Sphere

I can’t remember who turned me on to Ze Frank, but it is a welcome break once in a while.  Today’s episode’s discussion of the Field Medal is hilarious.

Develop Without Borders Contest

Having spent the past few weeks assiting a customer on some Word Addin issues, I’ve come to like the development platform that is Office.  You can do some pretty cool stuff with it, even in just the Macro language.  I’m in the process of trying to fully implement GTD in my life (I’ve been a…

Playing with Writer

Though hardly breaking news at this point, I’ll point folks to the new Windows Live Writer blog posting tool.  I’ve been playing with it for a couple weeks no (we were under quarantine about talking about it) and like it pretty much so far (though I still have a tendency to use the web interface Community…


Time Zones in Outlook 2007

I’ve been using Office 2007 since sometime between Beta1 TR and Beta 2.  (I’m currently on a post Beta 2 build.)  I’m slowly finding some cool stuff, and recently discovered Melissa MacBeth’s blog on Task and Time Management.  A guest post by Hank Leukart covers a cool new feature for appointments – being able to specify start and…


Comment Spam

I just got my first rash of comment spam – now I feel like a real blogger.

Floating Bed

I saw a lead photo for this article.  A Dutch designer created a floating bed based on magnetic attraction/repulsion.  It looks pretty nice.  The article talks about folks with piercings not having issues, unless they go underneath it (say to dust or sweep or whatever).  Seems to me I’d probably want to lay off using…


On being "super excited"

Dare posted on this last week, but I got my second email today where someone was “super excited” to be doing something and almost screamed.  We really need to remove this from the venacular. It has gotten to the point that I honestly tune out after either reading or hearing that phrase.


Code Access Security and User Controls

About a week ago I helped troubleshoot an issue where a customer wrote a WinForms User Control and she was trying to use it on a form she was developing.  When she dragged it from the toolbox, she was getting the following error: An exception occurred while trying to create an instance of Contoso.XP2.AuthorList.  The exception was “Request for the…

Windows Command Line Auto Completion

Having explained this to a number of people in as many days, I thought I’d share this tip for working with long paths on the command line.  The easist way to expalin this is to jump in feet first: Open a command line (<Windows Key>-R, CMD<Enter> is engrained in my hands at this point in…


Toshiba AC adapter causes birth defects?

I needed a new AC adaptor for my Toshiba M4 and it arrived today.  For a simple AC adapter (Toshiba Part Number PA3283U-3ACA), it came in a huge box.  Then when opening the box, the first sheet on top was: In case the text is hard to read off of my Smartphone camera: “WARNING: Handling…