Sweet looking car

I realized I'd left my phone in my car, so I took a quick jaunt out there to go grab it, and this was parked in the lot (no its not mine):


I'd only seen one of these on some high concept Ford commercial (as in, "look we have wicked looking cars!  Now go buy a not so wicked looking Focus!"). I'd personally I have to say it is a pretty sexy car. The engine is visible just behind the seats (behind glass). I'm pretty sure Ford only made a handful of these things  - I wonder how long the wait for one is.

Comments (2)

  1. tobint says:

    I saw a yellow GT in Issaquah just yesterday.  The GT is one very nice car… and it should be starting at a small $150K MSRP. 🙂

  2. ddysart says:

    Yeah, I figured it wasn’t cheap, but wow, not $159k. After a little digging, Ford’s target was 4200 vehicles over the 2005 2006 model years.  Still, in the parking lot of our office in Waukesha, WI, the most you see a BMW or something, and even those are a bit old.

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