What happened to the dual categories in Money 2005?

Another one on the MS Money front - the default for Money 2005 is one categories field that has sub categories delimited by a colon.  One cool thing is if you start typing the name of a sub category, it will resolve it.  But what if you liked the old style dual list?  Never fear, you can bring it back.
Detailed in this KB article, you basically need to create a DWORD value in the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Money\14.0 key called "UseDualCatMode" and set it to 1.
Obviously, if your are mucking with the registry, please know what you are doing.

Comments (1)

  1. Money User Since 1998 says:

    I suspect that dual-category mode will be turned on by default in Money 2006, and that this will be trumpeted as an Exciting New Feature.

    Just like batched online bill paying: it was in Money n, removed from Money n+1 (NEW: Simplified Online Bill Paying!), then put back in Money n+2 (NEW: Batch Bill Pays!). (Where n == 2002 or thereabouts.)

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