Outlook Autocomplete

I get at least one email a month where I know my name gets on the To or Cc line because of bad Outlook auto complete, so it is worth it for me to pass this on.

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Greene says:

    Wish that worked in IE’s history. I hate when I go to a site that starts with "go" and from then on it shows up before google, such as http://www.goodexperience.com.

    I know I can clear my history, but I don’t want them all to go away.

  2. Derek Dysart says:

    This is a bit convuluted, but you can view your history in Explorer and delete individual entries. On my XP box, I go to C:Documents and SettingsddysartLocal SettingsHistory. You can delete items like they were files, you can even search against this "folder" (shell extension, really). Search for all files in "History" that contain "goodexperience.com", after you get the result, ctrl-A, del.

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