I feel a little like Jim Anchower in saying this, but really haven’t written anything here in a while. To be honest, I haven’t had the time to dedicate to this project that I would have liked to have had. I’m not closing thing down, just admitting updates won’t be updating as much as I’d…


Disabling the animated CallerID on the Audiovox SMT5600

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve traded my Samsung SPH-i600 Smartphone for the hot new Audiovox SMT5600 from AT&T Wireless Cingular.  A co-worker of mine was determined to disable the animated caller-id application and finally determined how to take it out of the startup folder so it doesn’t run. The result is the caller id screen…


Its going to be a long night

Waiting up following election returns is going to pale in comparison to the late night next Tuesday…


Bose SoundDock review

What I find interesting in this Engaget review (or is it really a review of a review – I can’t tell) of the Bose SoundDock that pretty much rips on it, yet the very same SoundDock sponsors their RSS feed.  How ironic. At least you can say they aren’t bias by advertising – which I suppose…


Yet another phone

I’ve been going through phones like nobody’s business lately, but finally landed with one that I have the feeling is going to be in my pocket for a while.  Up until last June, I’ve had exactly three mobile phones in 6 years.  Since June, I’ve had four.  Anticipating the move from Madison to Milwaukee, I…


Transparency in the airline industry

I’m back from a long weekend in Albuquerque for a wedding and the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and slowly getting back into the swing of work.  If you saw the news reports, one balloon got hung up on a fairly high radio tower last Sunday.  I got the following photo of it: Yeah, that tower…





Hold music

Color me easily amused – I was on the phone today handing off one of our customers to the support organization of one of our third party tool vendors and ran into something interest – you got to pick from six music options while you were on hold.  “Press one for easy listening, press two…


Repeater Redux

So it’s been a month or so since installing the repeater and the initial glow has worn off.  I pretty much cannot get a Verizon signal through it – but it makes my brother-in-law’s T-Mobile phone rock solid – he never has less than two bars whereas I keep rooting for my phone to get…


Long running DDOS attack, or overzealous mail administrators?

In exchanging emails with friends and colleagues lately I’m getting more and more NDR’s that bounce back with some message that says “We do not accept spam”.  I knew one such company was small enough that my friend would know the email administrator and sure enough, they have a blanket policy to block any email from…