Performance Troubleshooting Article and VS2010 SP1 Change

Jason Zander just posted an article on Performance Troubleshooting Article and VS2010 SP1 Change, where he talks about some changes we made in SP1 and links to an article on Visual Studio (Performance) Troubleshooting.  Check it out and let us know if it helps, and what other type of information would be useful.  


Visual Studio 2010 Survey

We’d like to know what you think about Visual Studio 2010.  We are especially interested in hearing about your experience with regards to performance, reliability, and quality.  The more details you share with us in this survey, the better we can understand your experience and apply what we learn into future versions. The survey is very…


Measuring Processor Utilization and Queuing Delays in Windows applications

Continuing my answer to the mail I received recently from Uriel Carrasquilla… Uri’s note, reprinted in the previous post, refers to an “issue” associated with the current technique for measuring processor utilization in Windows. As my reply mentioned, these are documented and well-understood issues. At the core is the methodology used to calculate processor utilization…


Looking at Virtual Memory Usage

Brian Harry is continuing a great series of posts on VS2010 performance, you can read the latest in that series here; where Brian talks about the issues we’ve been seeing around Virtual Memory Exhaustion and what we’re doing to address it.  


VS2010 Performance and Bad Video Drivers/Hardware

[Note, this post is superceeded by a newer post here.] We’ve received a few performance complaints around Visual Studio 2010 (Beta 2) performance that can be traced to old video drivers or GPU virtualization issues. If you’re seeing slow / broken screen updates verify you have the latest drivers for your system. If this doesn’t…


Tell us about VS2010 Beta2

Last week we shipped Beta 2 for broad distribution.  Many of you have already sent us comments and improvement suggestions (thanks!) At this point we are down to our final set of bug fixing, perf tuning, etc.  We’re very interested in your feedback so we can take action on it before we ship the final…


Visual Studio 2010 Hardware Requirements

Soma’s been talking about the upcoming Visual Studio 2010 release on his blog, which means I’m starting to get questions about what type of hardware you’re going to need to run VS2010 on. Unfortunately, I can’t give you an official answer yet (other than to say, it depends on what you’re doing – obviously building…


Lessons from the test lab: investigating a pleasant surprise

This post describes our recent investigation into an interesting performance problem: benchmarks that we were surprised to find running significantly faster than we expected on new hardware. Along the way we discuss useful benchmarking tools, how to validate results, and why it pays to know exactly what hardware you’re running on. This all started in…

Visual Studio Performance Testing — Noise is Enemy #1

Performance testing is essential to our quest to make Visual Studio provide a highly responsive user experience. We do performance testing early and often. Before a new feature is checked into the main branch, a test build is created, and 100 to 200 tests are run to assess performance. These tests include scenarios for start-up,…