Visual Studio 2010 Survey

We'd like to know what you think about Visual Studio 2010. 

We are especially interested in hearing about your experience with regards to performance, reliability, and quality.  The more details you share with us in this survey, the better we can understand your experience and apply what we learn into future versions.

The survey is very short and should take you no more than a few minutes. You can get started by clicking on Visual Studio 2010 Survey.   

It's important that we here from you whether you love us or hate us.  The more people who respond, the better we can understand how we're doing and whether or not we're doing the right things to make a difference.

Regards and thanks for your time,

David Berg
Developer Division Performance Engineering Team

Comments (6)

  1. Darren says:

    Hello, I am not experiencing any problems with visual studio that concern me atm. however I do have a wish that I would love to see microsoft forfill. We have Microsoft Office for the Windows Phone 7, I would love to see a version of visual studio available on the Windows Phone. I am often needing to give a demonstration of an application and need to make minor changes to source code and I think Visual Studio for the Windows Phone would be perfect for those scenarios. Dont need all the functionality of visual studio. just basic editing of source code would be perfect.

    Thank You.

  2. David Berg says:


    If you mean using VS to write apps for the phone, it's available now:…/Phone.  If you mean using VS ON the phone to edit apps, VS is way too big.

  3. Wal Turner says:

    David, thanks for giving the end users an opportunity to respond re: Visual Studio.

    You have said:

    >The majority of customers actually find it faster than VS2008;

    Speaking with fellow colleagues and other industry 'trench' workers the general experience is quite the opposite. Recently I loaded our existing company product in vs2008 and was amazed by how crisp text editing and debugging was compared to vs2010.

    I am running a core i7 with 8 gigs of ram, a very adequate machine and sometimes I must wait *20 seconds* to 'Close All Documents' ?

    I have been scouring the net the past few weeks attempting to find things to speed up the environment (including your tips) but with not much success.

    I think some thought needs to be given to the basics, namely text editing and debugging, which should be razor sharp – being bogged down is very distracting and inefficient for a programmer.

    I would love to show you or your team a few of the issues I am sure thousands of developers experience every day, and some of the 'small'  (basic) things that should be addressed.

  4. David Berg says:


    Thanks for the feedback.  I didn't make up the survey data we have that shows most customers find VS2010 faster.  However, I agree that there is a much too large group of people who find VS2010 slower than VS2008.  I also agree that text editing and debugging should be as razor sharp as we can make it.

    On the close all problem, we've seen some reports of this being caused by an interaction with virus checkers and/or add-ins.  You might want to try disabling any add-ins you have and/or turning off your virsu checker (temporarilly) to see if this fixes the problem.

    If you'd like to provide more information on the problems your seeing and/or profiles, then please contact me at so we can go into more detail.



  5. jamome says:

    related topic: I find this blog's area of focus very interesting!!   Any news or updates from the Developer Division Performance Engineering blog?  

    Thanks much!

  6. David Berg says:

    Jamome, Thanks for your interest.  We've got a couple of blog entries under development, is there anything in particular you're interested in?

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