Help Make Visual Studio Faster

One of the most difficult things about our job is trying to decipher why Visual Studio is slow for a customer.  Often it starts with a vague complaint (e.g. “Visual Studio is sluggish”) which we then have to narrow down to a particular action that’s slow, and try and get a profile.  Then we have…


Performance Troubleshooting Article and VS2010 SP1 Change

Jason Zander just posted an article on Performance Troubleshooting Article and VS2010 SP1 Change, where he talks about some changes we made in SP1 and links to an article on Visual Studio (Performance) Troubleshooting.  Check it out and let us know if it helps, and what other type of information would be useful.  

Visual Studio 2010 Survey

We’d like to know what you think about Visual Studio 2010.  We are especially interested in hearing about your experience with regards to performance, reliability, and quality.  The more details you share with us in this survey, the better we can understand your experience and apply what we learn into future versions. The survey is very…


VS2010 Performance and Bad Video Drivers/Hardware – Redux

Since we shipped Visual Studio 2010 we’ve continued to have a small but notable series of complaints about performance that we’ve been able to attribute to bugs in video drivers and GPUs. The issue first came up back during VS 2010 beta in October of 2009.  Since then we’ve learned that while old, buggy drivers…


Visual Studio 2010 runs faster when the Windows Automation API 3.0 is installed

If you’re running Visual Studio 2010 on XP or Vista you may benefit from installing this upgrade: Applications that use Windows Automation APIs can significantly decrease Microsoft Visual Studio IntelliSense performance if Windows Automation API 3.0 is not installed. For example, the Windows pen and touch services can significantly decrease Visual Studio IntelliSense performance…


Are you a candidate to run Visual Studio 2010 on a 64-bit OS?

Brian Harry’s just posted an article on configuring an ideal Visual Studio development machine.  You can read about it here: By the way, if you scroll down and peruse the comments that customers have posted there, you will see recommendations for several other configuration options. Some of these go well beyond the simpler &…

Measuring Processor Utilization and Queuing Delays in Windows applications

Continuing my answer to the mail I received recently from Uriel Carrasquilla… Uri’s note, reprinted in the previous post, refers to an “issue” associated with the current technique for measuring processor utilization in Windows. As my reply mentioned, these are documented and well-understood issues. At the core is the methodology used to calculate processor utilization…


Statistical Process Control Techniques in Performance Monitoring and Alerting

Being focused on the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2010 for the past six months or so, I, unfortunately, have been neglecting to blog about it. Before I get back to the series of blog posts I started about writing in parallel programming, I thought I’d first answer the mail.   Concerning a recent presentation…


Looking at Virtual Memory Usage

Brian Harry is continuing a great series of posts on VS2010 performance, you can read the latest in that series here; where Brian talks about the issues we’ve been seeing around Virtual Memory Exhaustion and what we’re doing to address it.  


Improvements in Intellisense post Beta 2

Brian Harry has posted a discussion of Intellisense performance improvements in VS2010 that we’ve made since Beta 2, including bothe before and after videos.  He also touches a little on the massive performance effort we’re making as a division to address the performance issues identified by our external and internal customers.