Don’t forget about locking hints! (posted by Aaron)

I’m a big fan of using locking hints when writing SQL queries.  And I’m continually amazed at how many people don’t understand (or know) how to use them.  Locking hints can help to significantly improve performance of your database and with very little work.  The key is to understand the different types of locking hints…


Framework Design Guidelines (posted by Aaron)

Brad Abrams has a great series going on Framework Design Guidelines.  It’s worth checking out.


App_Offline, IIS Redirection, and the wonders of online documentation. (posted by Arturo)

By now, you’re probably aware that ASP.NET 2.0 allows you to place a specially named file in your web root, which takes down your application to allow you to make updates to your site without generating strange errors for your users if they hit the page in the middle of your prop. (If you hadn’t…


Step into your customer’s shoes – Posted by Avi

Many of the tools we write are used by the DevDiv Build Lab to get their job done. Cranking out 50-100 builds per night takes more than just a few fast servers, a great staff, and lots of alcohol (kidding!). There’s only so many things you can keep an eye on at once; hence the…


Funny SQL2005 Maintenance Features (posted by Paul)

In SQL2000 maintenance plans if you want to backup databases there is an option to allow you to create a subfolder for each database that gets backed-up. And the same dialog is nice enough to ask if you want to remove backups older than x amount of days. It’s pretty simple and everyone uses it…


Some things I learned about SQL Indexing Tuning recently (posted by Paul)

Where to put the clustered index Last month there was a heated discussion in our group about whether to move the clustered index of a table from the primary key (int identity) to two columns that are heavily referenced in queries. Many people would think that the best place to put the key would be…


Disabling an <asp:button> (posted by Aaron)

I consistently see people looking for easy ways to disable asp:buttons after they’re clicked.  The most common problem is that a user will click a button 20+ times not knowing that their action has been sent to the server.  As you know, this can create a big problem really click.  There are ways to avoid this on the server obviously, but…


XML – who needs it?! (Posted by Avi)

I remember not long ago when XML became the “new big thing.” Everyone wanted every program they wrote to use XML in some fashion. But rarely when you challenged someone on “why” did you actually get a good answer. Many just figured that if it wrote XML, it must be high-tech. Sure, it had occasional…


We Are Right! Or are we? Two design issues come up for debate (posted by Paul)

Two random debates that have come up on our team lately…   The Great Index Debate   While fixing some bugs a dev on our team found that some pages of the app were loading slowly.  Looking in more detail, he noticed that the SQL calls made were referencing a non-clustered index on a particular…


Elephants, monkeys and… Viruses?! – Posted by Avi

It’s been a while since I posted – I was away on vacation, visiting my parents-in-law in Sri Lanka. What a great country! Sunshine, wildlife, amazing food, and… viruses. I’m not talking about malaria (although we did have a close call); I’m talking about my in-laws’ home computer. As you all know, visiting family means…