Windows Services Or Task Scheduler? – Part I

Before I even start I’m sure all you know what I’m going to talk about. First let me explain what our team does in Microsoft. Ours is an automation team whose primary function is develop apps  for the Developer Division build lab for managing the build process, track issues, monitor the servers, provide statistics on…


Keeping Your Configuration Settings Straight.

One of the challenges our group deals with is finding an easy and reliable way to get our applications from development… to stage/test… to production while keeping all the various configuration settings straight.  This is obviously not a new problem and one that has been solved by others a variety of different ways.  Our group…


New security blog

Jeff Jones is a director at MS who works on nothing but security. I’ve been reading his posts on an internal security alias for a while, and am happy to announce that he finally has a blog: Keep an eye on it. Trust me. Avi  


How to write a Bad Resume

I figure there is plenty of information out there about how to write a good resume, so I thought I’d do the reverse: Tell you how to write a bad one. Tip #1: List every language you’ve ever written a line of code in (even if it was just commenting code). You’ve wrestled with some…


MIX06: Messenger BOTS

I’m attending the conference this week in Las Vegas and just attended a session on the Windows Live platform.  One of the services that peeked my interest was a brief demo given on what are known as Messenger BOTS.  The idea being that you can create a service built on the Windows Live Messenger…


Code Snippets in VS2005

If you haven’t yet found the Code Snippets feature in VS 2005 it’s time to give it a look.  It’s one of those great features that it’s in VS 2005 but one that gets very little attention from most people because it’s sort of a “bonus feature”.   You don’t it… it’s certainly not a necessity……


SQL Profiler and "Application Name=MyApp;"

Here’s a great trick that can be really handy if you’re a fan of the SQL Profiler.  In your application connection strings add the “Application Name” keyword/value.   Example. server=MyServer;database=MyDatabase;Integrated Security=SSPI;Application Name=My Application;   After this is done, fire up SQL Profiler and you’ll notice that the profiled events are categorized under the name you provide rather than…


So… You think you’re a web dev?

I’ve been spending the past couple of months trying very hard to hire some temporary (i.e.; contract) web development resources – it’s been difficult and eye-opening. There is a huge disconnect between what a resume says and what a candidate is really capable of. Now, I knew from the start not to place too much…


The power of “window.showModalDialog” (posted by Aaron)

I must admit that up until about 18 months ago I rarely (if ever) used modal dialogs when building web pages.  I’m not sure why – but somehow I never really considered them useful in the web environment.  Well, I can now say that I really don’t know how I lived without them.    Benefits…


Good articles on design

Joel Spolsky has a great website – his articles are always interesting. Looks like he’s starting a new series on design, and the introductory articles are great. Check them out: