Configuring Outlook 2007 for using a Hotmail Plus account with POP3 and SMTP

I finally signed up for a Hotmail Plus account. While the web interface is awesome I wanted to configure Outlook 2007 to fetch my email using POP3 and send mails using SMTP. Call me old fashioned but I prefer having all my sent and received email in my local PST file (I actually have all my…


Happy Usability Day!

Today is the World Usability Day 2007 and I’d like to encourage everyone to look into it especially of course the presentations given in the MS Conference Center throughout the day which are available online. So, why do I think this is important and why did I tag this post as a QA post? Because…


About the art of predicting defect density (and not abusing absolute defect counts)

Everyone who has worked on a software project knows the problem: Code gets written, code gets tested and before you know it bug reports start hitting the bug tracking system. Still, life is good, bugs get fixed and ultimately the software is ready to be shipped (if this were a commercial I’d probably mention that this…


Want to get HD audio out of a low profile PC? No problem!

A disclaimer first: The following post is my personal opinion and by no means an official recommendation. And with that out of the way I’d like to share a little problem I was facing last month. I was looking for a sound card with 192 kHz/24 bit playback and Vista x64 support in form of a low profile…


Referenced assembly ‘filename’ is a localized satellite assembly (why it’s not wise to ignore warning al1056)

Usually you should fix all warnings you see when building your code right away and personally I’m a big fan of treating warnings as errors. Here is one more reason:   Marking an assembly with the AssemblyCulture attribute using a non-empty string will make that assembly look like a satellite assembly. Even if it isn’t….


Building a Windows Home Server: The Parts

My Windows Home Server (WHS) has been threatening me to quit for the last couple of days. In its defense, that serves me right for running a pre-release build for almost half a year which I knew right from the start would expire at some point. So it’s time to build my home server. The…


Fun with events and delegates

So how can you verify that a given class raises an event? Well, you can simply write some code that registers an event handler and then cause the target to raise that event. Now, how do you verify that a given class does actually handle an event raised by another class? Basically it’s the same…


Additional information on the garbage collector and weak references

I received some feedback on my previous post A good reason for calling GC.Collect() basically saying that I omitted certain details on the garbage collector and weak references. I won’t argue that – it is certainly true. However, it wasn’t my intention to fully explain either especially since they are both well documented. MSDN is…


A good reason for calling GC.Collect()

You’ve probably heard that you should not call GC.Collect() and generally speaking this is absolutely correct. Yes, there are probably exceptions to that rule but unless you know for sure that calling GC.Collect() will improve the runtime behavior of your application you should refrain from making that call. Also, let’s not forget that implementation details…


Command Connection Points and Exception Handling Reloaded

In Debugging of and error handling for synchronous Commands I explained why you can’t handle exceptions thrown during the execution of commands and how to get around this limitation. Yesterday I was reading through some posts on Eric White’s blog including some about the new language features in C# 3.0. One post about extension methods…