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In a world where pop-ups and banner ads is the rule finding a web host that is free of charge and has no pop-ups or banner ads is not only tough but close to impossible. In my quest to re-juvenate my website I spent a lot of time searching for the optimal one (Used to have a website for quite some time but had stopped updating it). I stumbled across afmu - provides free web hosting provided one buys the domain name from them. So I did just that and am pretty happy with the web hosting so far. Service is pretty cheap as compared other options and they have surprisingly a lot of options - guestbook, slew of scripts, content management, discussion boards, Wiki site builders, etc. A pretty impressive feature set for a company run by a bunch of students! 

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  1. david says:

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  2. Thanks for the info Dchandnani. I am happy with my <a href="http://www.bmchosting.com/wordpress-web-hosting.cfm">wordpress web hosting</a> package from http://www.bmchosting.com

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