BizTalk Adapter for MSMQ v2.0 Released!  Overview The BizTalk 2004 Adapter for MSMQ provides support for sending and receiving messages using MSMQ 2.0 and 3.0, and takes advantage of the new features in MSMQ 3.0. Major features of the adapter include support for: • MSMQ 2.0 and 3.0• Multi-threading option for faster performance• Guaranteed delivery when using transactional queues• Reading…


Check out the Interoperability Webcast Series

a month-long webcast series focusing on interoperability – why it matters to the business, common strategies and methods, and guidance on specific implementation scenarios between the major platform players. We’ll feature over 40 webcasts, cool giveaways, and brand-new technical guidance from experts such as Simon Guest, Dino Chiesa, and Navdip Bhachech. Great stuff… check…


BizTalk Server 2004 PowerToys by Erik Leaseburg

Reference: Document by Erik Leaseburg   BizTalk Server 2004 PowerToys Get your BizTalk PowerToys now! Erik Leaseburg, a consultant with Microsoft Premier Services for the past five years and an expert in BizTalk Server, has collected the best PowerToys on the Web! Here they are! Do you have a suggestion for a BizTalk Server PowerToy?…


14 Free on-line BizTalk Server 2004 Hands-on labs available – see

This is something that anyone interested in BizTalk 2004 should look at… 14 Free on-line BizTalk Server 2004 Hands-on labs available 14 BizTalk Hands-on Labs are now publicly available in the full-featured MSDN Virtual Lab at:  See the following for details: