Source Code for the Authorization Manager (AzMan) ASP.NET Role Provider Released

Check out the Source Code for the Authorization Manager (AzMan) ASP.NET  Role Provider

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Differences Between the Published Source Code and the .NET Framework's AuthorizationStoreRoleProvider

The source code for the AuthorizationStoreRoleProvider is being released unchanged. This means you will not be able to compile it in its current state, because it contains calls to internal helper methods. However, you can reference the source code to see exactly how the provider maps role manager calls to AzMan.

Role Providers

Summary: Describes the design and operation of the various built-in providers that Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 uses for state management services. (6 printed pages)

Click here to download the entire series in PDF format Microsoft ASP.NET Providers.pdf.


Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Providers: Introduction
Membership Providers
Role Providers
Site Map Providers
Session State Providers
Profile Providers
Web Event Providers
Web Parts Personalization Providers

Click here to download ProviderToolkitSamples.msi.

Find the file AuthStoreRoleProvider.cs.txt




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