How to connect to Oracle from a .NET Application

Use this:

ODP.NET, Managed Driver - Official

This short post is just because most of the information you will find on this topic is out-of-date.

Oracle finally wrote a 100% managed code ADO.NET provider and it's available on NuGet.  So you can just right-click on your references and grab the NuGet package.  Not install, no bitness headaches.


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  1. fedak says:

    1) Note that the nuget package is not officially maintained or uploaded by Oracle.  (Which they refuse to do due to licensing issues).   That is a 3rd party that has taken the Oracle release off of OTN and reuploaded it to NuGet

    2) There are a large number of features that are not yet available in the managed driver.…/intro004.htm

  2. fedak says:

    See this OTN discussion:…/11149050

  3. The official Oracle NuGet Packages are out.  I've updated the link above to reflect.

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