New Samples Published for Analysis Service Security and Service Broker .NET coding

I recently published a couple of new samples.   One for doing custom security with Analysis Services is a HTTP Handler that proxies XML\A Requests to the SSAS Data Pump, and allows you to front-end SSAS with a custom security solution.


SSASProxy Custom HTTP Security Sample

                        This sample shows how to put a HTTP Handler in front of the Analysis Services Data Pump, which is the HTTP interface for Analysis Services.  This HTTP Handler should be deployed in an IIS application that supports HTTP Anonymous authentication. 
The second is one I've sent to several internal people, and just got around to publishing.  It's a simple, stand-alone Windows Service to process messages from a Service Broker Queue.
Service Broker Message Processor Service Sample                    

                         This sample illustrates how to build a Windows Service to process Service Broker Messages in C#.  This approach is an alternative to the "Service Broker External Activator", which I find overly complex and not terribly helpful. 

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