Introducing the Dynamics AX Server blog

This is the blog post equivalent of a 'Hello World!' program 🙂

My name is Parth Pandya and I am a Senior Program Manager with the Dynamics AX team at Microsoft. I work on the team that deals with the Server tier on Dynamics AX. When we talk of the Server team, this covers many areas. Some of which that come to mind are:

  • AOS (Application Object Server)
  • Security Framework
  • Licensing
  • Metadata
  • Data access stack
  • Organizational Model framework
  • Batch processing

In this blog, I and other members from the team will be posting tips and tricks, insights into the product, answer frequently asked questions and in general get a communication with consumers of the Dynamics AX product. This is not meant to be a substitute to the copious documentation we have on MSDN and TechNet, but rather a way to touch upon topics that fall outside their purview.

Hope to see you around!

Parth Pandya
Senior Program Manager
Dynamics AX


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  1. jaestevan says:

    Specting a lot of interesting thinks from the server team 🙂

  2. John lindsay says:

    We need a way to run managed code in batch!

  3. Parth where can I get advice on a product or SKU variants? Pro's and con's etc. I need to be able to apply CBN and weight to product variants in Retail R2. Also, I need advice for our ISV on how to modify ecommerce to allow wholesale purchasing through ecommerce without an ecart (going to invoice the customer instead).

  4. @Jose: Thanks, and hope the material we post here lives up to your expectations 🙂

    @John: We'll address this in a subsequent post.

    @Wayne: The question you are asking is out of purview of this particular blog. You could try the following customer resources to get an answer to your question:…/default.aspx

  5. Vikas Malhotra says:

    Amazing Blog Parth. I hoping to get loads of stuff related to Server's from Microsoft Team. I am sure this will help lot of folks.

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