Synchronization enhancements in Dynamics Ax 2009

This post covers the Synchronization functionality in Dynamics Ax 2009 and some of the enhancements that were made from the previous release. Check Synchronize feature in Dynamics AX 2009 You may have noticed the changes when Synchronizing during Upgrade or maybe you have seen a Synchronize database form when making a change to an AOT table that would permanently…


Troubleshooting orphaned sessions and SPIDS in Dynamics Ax

After my last post was published I got some questions on how orphaned SQL processes (SPIDs) are cleaned up in Ax when an AOS or client crashes. A simple answer to that would be that the behavior is different depending on what crashed and what that process was doing at that instant of time. Let’s…


Troubleshooting blocked SPIDS in AOS

In this blog post I will provide some details on how the AOS server manages it SQL connections and some tips on troubleshooting blocked connections in the database. All of my description is based on the SQL Server backend but similar techniques are applicable for Oracle also, only the DB tools are different. Let’s first…


What’s new in Set based operations in Dynamics Ax 2009

   In this blog post we will provide some details on some of the enhancements that were added to the various set based operations in Dynamics Ax 2009. X++ language contains three operators for set based data manipulation: 1. INSERT_RECORDSET 2. UPDATE_RECORDSET 3. DELETE_FROM These operators have been significantly enhanced in Dynamics Ax 2009. This…


Dynamics Ax 4.0 Session Types

In this blog post I will provide details on the management of the various user sessions inside the Dynamics Ax server (AOS). I will use the Online users form as a reference to provide context to the material provided below. I hope to provide answers to some of your questions regarding various session types with…


Welcome Post

Welcome to the Dynamics AX Infrastructure and Server team blog.  We will be discussing the infrastructure and development focused topics in this blog by the team including our development, test, and program management team.  We welcome your feedback to make this a productive site! Best regards, -Guru Raghavendran Gururajan Senior PM, Dynamics AX Server Platform