Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3: a preview

It’s all about Amazing Customer Experiences

Over the past few years Microsoft Dynamics AX has evolved to be the default enterprise resource planning (ERP) choice for many organizations. Our focus on innovation and business value to our customers has grown our Microsoft Dynamics AX community to more than 20,000 customers across more than 36 countries. That makes us happy.

Now, we’re so excited to be unveiling Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, planned for release in April 2014. And you know why? Because we know it will help you to provide Amazing Customer Experiences! With new features and tools available through this release, you’ll be able to engage with customers on their terms, run agile operations to exceed your customers’ needs, and expand your business to better serve your customers.

Engage with customers on their terms

Customers are increasingly demanding a seamless shopping experience across channels and an unprecedented degree of interaction with – or ‘ownership’ of – consumer brands. Mobile experiences delivered through Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 provide differentiating customer-facing experiences that help you:

  • Engage anytime, anywhere. Online, in store or on-the-go, customers want business on their own terms. With the next release, you can get tools to create seamless omni-channel engagements, with the ability to handle multiple languages and storefronts.
  • Offer deeply engaging, rich experiences. We’re closing the gap between the systems that capture the data and the people who can use it to benefit customers. You’ll be able to provide more meaningful services and advice to your customers in a way that makes sense for them.
  • Build profitable customer relationships. New social channels integration and ecommerce new features in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 let teams work together to serve customers in new ways, including support for customer-specific pricing, wish lists, and unassisted sales. Get support for loyalty programs across legal-entities and tiering of customers as well as enhanced gift card functionality. Even incorporate Facebook and Twitter into campaigns right out of the box.

Satisfy changing customer needs

We know you want to respond to fast-changing business conditions and move quickly to capitalize on new opportunities. Look to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to help you streamline your business and make customers happy:

  • Offer choices. New and integrated Warehouse and Transportation Management capabilities helps you provide your customers with the fulfillment choices they want. You can even quickly act on their changing requirements with a few clicks of a button—and still keep logistics and transportation costs low.
  • Respond to continuously shifting customer requirements. Timely, end-to-end visibility into supply chain operations helps you balance inventory and operating expenses. In addition, we now provide support for basic SKU-level demand forecasting based on historic data, using a combination of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Excel to view, visualize, and edit the forecast data.
  • Share highly-responsive, timely delivery insights with customers. With the integrated warehousing and transportation capabilities you have insight into your global supply chain with a few clicks, and can share this insight with your customers since they value information about their order status as much as receiving the order.

Serve your customers better and expand your business

Grow into new markets and new customer segments. Blend in new acquisitions and new lines of business without sacrificing enterprise-wide visibility and process controls. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 can help reach new customers in new ways:

  • Deliver solutions to new geographies. Single-instance solutions help deploy organizational best practices to new geographies quickly and easily—without starting from scratch. The planned Master Data Management capabilities also support decentralized global installations. Manage Microsoft Dynamics AX projects from pre-sales to implementation and operations Lifecycle Services, a cloud-based framework that makes it easier to grow.
  • Innovate products and services. With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, you and your employees have the insight and flexibility to drive innovation that improves business operations and the way they serve customers—empowering you to give customers what they want, when they want it.

Learn more

Really want to dive in?

Join us for the Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference, slated for February 3–5, 2014, in Bellevue, Washington. Click here for more info.

/Pepijn Richter

Comments (34)

  1. Claus Andersen, EG A/S, Denmark says:

    Hi Pepijn,

    The link to more info about Tech. Conf. doesn't work


  2. Jaci Robbins says:

    Hi Claus,

    We've corrected the link to the Technical Conference in the blog.

    Thanks for letting us know..


  3. Karya Technologies says:

    Microsoft has planned to increase the availability of Microsoft Dynamics AX by bringing innovative and simple processes that lifts user experience. The new release will have the feature of warehouse and transportation management (Microsoft has used Blue Horsheshoe's technology for this feature). And, the office 365 pricing offer will be available upto 31st March and in 42 global markets. Are you waiting for the update like us?



  5. Borjomi says:

    Is R3 beta available for download

  6. Jaci Robbins says:

    At this time, a public beta is not available. We plan to release the product in April 2014. For existing customers and partners, a community technical preview of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is available as part of the private beta program. Contact your local Microsoft representative for more information.


  7. Juan Carlos Tamayo says:

    quiero saber si a la plataforma Microsoft dynamics CRM y GP, se le puede poner o implementar lector de radiofrecuencia o de códigos de barra para controlar mejor los inventarios y los activos fijos y de rotación y que debo hacer para tener una cotización de la versión de la plataforma y la aplicación… mi correo es

    quedo atento gracias

  8. Benjamin Rogers says:

    I have some questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. I want to add online shopping to a web site. Customers will have their own accounts that they would login with to go shopping. They would be able to browse a product list which would show pictures of products and prices, and then select the items they would want to purchase. The web site would support payment by credit card. Also there needs to be a way for the product list to be updated with new products, pricing and pictures. Would Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 do all these things?

    Thank you,

    Regards Ben

  9. jannestig says:

    HI Ben,

    R2 already had that functionality, though it is built on SharePoint if you were talking about an external website you could use the AX/sharepoint framework to possibly manage this or use the Online market Place channel

  10. Kusman says:

    may I have the preview of transportation management ?

  11. Chris Long says:

    At present I am unclear about the costs vs. the benefits of upgrading from AX 2009 to AX 2012 and I would like to understand the real value in moving to AX 2012. Is there a simple chart showing AX 2009 functionality vs. AX 2012 which would enable us to evaluate properly the benefits of the new version?

  12. Kusman Lim says:

    Benefit of upgrading vs cost is vary of every user.

    you may need to know the feature of new feature that benefit to You.

    AX 2012 have a lot of new feature which can benefit to user. It is really enterprise software. It really usefull for group company.

  13. Chris Long says:

    Thanks Kusman. Understood. But what exactly are all these new features? The relative value of each of them will, of course, vary according to the deployment but if we don't know what they are, how can we evaluate investing in the upgrade? Surely (somewhere??)there's a list of what has changed?

  14. Frank Sauerbach says:

    Chris, there is a "What's new" document available on customer/partnersource. this doc describes all the new features in Dynamics AX 2012.

  15. Jerry says:

    Hi, im interested in your Dynamic AX ERP, what is the initial cost of that? Please answer, or should i contact with you about this question in another way?

  16. Laxmi says:

    We need Microsoft Dynamics Ax people for USA

    H1B Visa applicable

    More details Contact 044 43302799

  17. I will be attending the AX 2012 R3with part of my Trade and Logistics team. I am looking forward to meeting other partners interested in R3 Transportation and Shipping Modules.  

  18. Alex says:

    Laxmi. There is any email where I can send my CV?

    Jerry. you have to contact a local dealer that could help you. In what Country are you?

  19. IRMA CRUZ SOTO says:


  20. Kamal Pucha says:

    Looking for "MS Dynamics Axapta Functional Consultant / AX Functional Consultant".

    Title                 : MS Dynamics AX Functional Consultant

    Location              : Seattle, WA

    Duration              : 12+ Months

    Please reply back if you are INTERESTED…

    Kamal Pucha

    Manager – US Resourcing | Atlas Systems Inc.

    5 Independence Way, Suite 309, Princeton, NJ 08540

    Office: (609) 945-1113  |

  21. Pepijn Richter says:

    @Kusman, you can find an overview of WMS and TMS on digital Convergence here:…/Registration.html

  22. Reinald Assheuer says:

    Does AX has interfaces usable as EDI interface? Like SAP IDoc interface?

    Thanks Reinald

  23. JHAYSO says:

    Cuantos módulos tiene el ERP, en cuanto tiempo se implementa, donde podría tener mas detalle de costos?

  24. ckc says:


    You can also download the demo VM's from PartnerSource and evaluate the new functionality for yourself.

  25. AIJAZ HASHMI says:

    Respected sir, I am working in Saudi Arabia, We have installed in our organisation the Microsoft Dynamic AX 2012, but feeling several difficulties in set up. and few features I am not able to use, will you help us for solution to the problem.


    Saudi Diyar Consultant,

    09 Feb 2014

  26. Cesar Romero says:

    How can I learn about with this programs. Or where should I take a traing?

    I try some translations and it was amazing

  27. Anil Shah says:

    How can we get beta release version for R3, so we can deploy and start reviewing.

    Thanks !

  28. Johan Donders says:

    How can we get beta release version for R3, so we can deploy and start reviewing?

  29. Ricardo says:


    I would like to receive any material about AX2012 R3 TMS.

    Where can I find it?


  30. Efrem says:

    Can anyone tell me if the the Query and Metadata Services now support http as the transport protocol instead of just NETTCP in R3?

  31. ali says:


    I wan to handle an online marketplace to facilitate other people to sell their products in my website. in addition, i'm going to sell my own products and items in the website. is it possible with dynamics ax 2012 ?

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