A sneak peek of new mobile apps

Last week at Convergence we unveiled the mobile application experiences for MS Dynamics AX 2012 R2. We have heard a lot of excitement about these new applications and through this blog post we would like to provide you with a sneak preview of these new applications through some videos for the people who could not attend last week's event.  These applications will ship later this calendar year as for of the MS Dynamics AX2012 R2 roadmap

These sneak peek videos below cover:

  • Expense management - from capturing your receipts on your smart phone, to reconciling your receipts on your Windows 8 tablet 


  • Timesheet - capturing your timesheets on either your smart phone or on your Windows 8 tablet


  • Approvals - approving different workflow documents on your tablet or through any HTML enabled email client


Love to hear your feedback !



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  1. Geoffrey DELMEE says:


    when will the WindowsPhone app available from all stores? By now, I can't grab it from France.



  2. Bostjan GOLOB says:

    The KB article for a hotfix to support the new Expense/Timesheet application has been released to PartnerSource. I too would like to know when we can expect the app (available in US store?) to be available on other stores as well.



  3. Lennert Versteeg (Widex A/S - Denmark) says:


    Same question when will the app's be available in all stores?



  4. AX PMG says:

    @Geoffrey, Bostjan and Lennert.

    Thanks for your responses.

    The Windows Phone app is currently available in the US Windows Phone store only, but will be made available in other English-language Windows Phone stores coming June. The app will be made available in the Windows Phone store non-English languages (localized to that language) during H2 of CY2013.  


  5. Bostjan Golob says:


    thanks for the information provided. What will be the availability of this app in markets where Microsoft will not be providing a translation? Will there at least be a "generic" English language app available, or will there be no app at all?



  6. fun2shoot says:

    Thanks for this post.

    I'm confused about the features of this apps. will u explain features of this mobile apps? If u want more details about video mobile apps download then visit- http://www.fun2shoot.com/download

  7. Kusman Lim says:

    Can the Approval run on other OS ?

  8. AlpKiwi says:

    Time registration for projects, production orders?

    Can the time registration also be used for projects or/and production orders? Is it planned to be extended?

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