Sybase ODBC Linked Server from SQL Server 2005 doesn’t like underscores in table names

I hit an interesting issue this week trying to integrate with a Sybase ASE 15.x database via a linked server. I managed to properly formulate my provider strings, and I was able to issue queries against most tables. However, one of my queries failed, giving me the message Msg 7314, Level 16, State 1, Line…


Avoiding Project Corruption in Project Server

Although the symptoms vary, one of the main culprits is a mismatch between the version of Project Pro on users’ machines and Project Server. For example, if you deploy SP2 on the server, you must ensure that you also deploy the corresponding patch to ALL machines with Project Professional that are used to connect to…


Reattaching a Content Database Containing Project Server Project Workspaces

There’s occasions where you’ll find it necessary to reattach a content database containing a PWA site and its associated Project Workspaces. This is essential for Disaster Recovery, migration across farms, or repairing accidental contentDB detachments (or intentional ones – a lot of folks recommend disconnecting most/all contentDBs before applying a WSS/MOSS upgrade. I waive that…


Interesting extension of social networking

The London Bridge has it’s own twitter feed… Technorati Tags: Social Networking,Interesting


MOSS 2007 built-in workflows don’t like it if you change their groups

Using a MOSS built in workflow, like the Approval workflow, and are surprised when it stops sending notifications? Ensure that nobody’s changed the name of the group that receives notifications. Apparently, the workflow uses the Group name as an internal reference, not the group ID. Therefore, if you change the name of a group that…


Artificial Keys

How big? I’ve started noticing a lot of DBs (sometimes turning up in embarrassing places) that neglect some pretty easy scaling techniques. An often-looked consideration is designing a table to support efficient indexing. I personally find that, unless there’s a really good overriding argument, I default to creating an artificial key of the smallest numeric…


My second favorite SQL tip

Create an audit log table (or even better yet, an audit database). It can have a pretty simple structure – I often only have an artificial key, description, and date in mine. Then, when you’re executing a long running script or automated process, you can liberally add “INSERT” statements. Besides providing a log of what…


My favorite SQL tip

Get SQL Server to do the hard work for you, and learn a lot of useful T-SQL while you’re at it. Nearly every operation you can perform with the SQL Server Management Studio GUI can be converted into a T-SQL script. This has a lot of advantages: You can save it and/or share it You…


One line advice for how to survive in an office #1

If there are rodents in your work area, look under your desk before you sit down. Glue traps are a royal pain to get off your shoe. Sudani – thx for the rescue. Technorati Tags: 1-liner advice,Office Survival


Project Server 2007 Archive DB too large?

Is your PWA Archive database too large? You may have a problem if your archive DB is significantly larger than (# of retention copies set to be maintained in your PWA’s Server Settings)  x (draft DB size) There are several things to look at: 1. How did you detect the problem? Did you run out…