Connecting Data Explorer to Cosmos DB: where and what is my connection string?

Azure’s CosmosDB is changing so fast, keeping up with the process for even simple tasks can be a challenge. I had to dig to find this, so figure’d I’d share to save the next person some time: Scenario: I have created a new CosmosDB collection, and want to load some data into it. This can…


SharePoint Hybrid WhitePaper

Working on updating the Designing Hybrid SharePoint Environments whitepaper detailing how to use out of the box features to harmonize On Premises and Office365-S SharePoint environments. We’ll be focusing on leveraging O365’s new (as of Oct 2011) BCS capabilities.  More info once we publish.


SharePoint 2010 MySite My Profile Error

Saw an interesting situation today… in one of my test environments, I set up a User Profile Service, a Web App for MySites, and a MySite Host Site Collection… when I tried to test it out, I was able to access the main MySite page, but I got an “unexpected error” when I tried to…


Formatting a date in a SharePoint DataFormWebPart DropDownList

Here’s a  trip down memory lane for those of you still working with SharePoint 2007 going down the SharePoint Designer application development path… I had a request to format a DVDropDownList displaying a date.There’s a lot of posts out there with clever javascript hacks, and the obvious method of using a calculated column to format…


InfoPath 2010 Custom Code–Altering a Field

  Here’s a simple task – alter a field in the code behind for an InfoPath 2010 Form. Not as easy as you’d hope. You have to dust off your XML skills get this working.  Here’s some sample code:   XPathNavigator fieldTwo = MainDataSource.CreateNavigator().SelectSingleNode(“/my:myFields/my:field2”,NamespaceManager); Make sure to add the NamespaceManager parameter… otherwise, you’ll get the…


InfoPath 2010 Form with Sandboxed code will not publish to a SharePoint that is also a Domain Controller

  Receiving the following error: “The form template has been published to the server but it can only be opened in InfoPath Filler. The sandboxed solution could not be activated. The custom code in the form cannot be run. This functionality may be deactivated on the server. For more information, contact the server farm administrator.”?…


Kindle for Windows Phone 7 Released!

Yay! Mobile reading is back! It didn’t show up in the Marketplace Search, but I found it as the first entry in Apps->Books & Reference->New. Highly recommended – no more being bored in lines. Beautiful interface!


Autogeneration of a WPF data grid fails

Brushing off my coding skills & got stuck for a bit on a failure to autogenerate a Data Grid’s columns. I got plenty of rows, but no columns. The secret is to ensure that your base object has publicly available members. Don’t get lazy and just expose properties. In my example, I used a List<AppOrderingItem>…


Using claims in security for SharePoint 2010

Been thinking about this, and as usual, Steve is out in front. Turns out you can use extended claims in web application policies. These are a bit too coarse for most use, but would be a great way to allow people with certain claims such as “Security Admin” global read access to a web app,…


What’s in SharePoint BPOS-D?

I’m frequently asked about what is supported (or more accurately, what’s not supported) in Microsoft’s BPOS-D SharePoint environment. My first recourse is the BPOS-D bible, also known as the Service Description Document. The BPOS-D 10.3 document is now available at We don’t currently have similar documentation for BPOS-F (US federal), so I’ve been pointing…