Windows Phone 7 XML IsolatedStorage Example

For one of the apps I have been working on, I needed to persist a List<T> of T objects across sessions. They are simple objects with simple properties, so I decided to use XML. However, since WP7 is a new platform, there’s not a lot of information out there on what is a good best…


3D Level Editing for Windows Phone 7 Games (#XNA)

For future reference, everything discussed here is in the context of Windows Phone Developer Tools April Refresh, so it’s all CTP stuff and can/probably will change. CODE: here   What You Need Visual Studio 2010 RTM ( Windows Phone Developer Tools April Refresh ( 3D World Studio ($49, no saving from trial) (   The…


XNA Video Tutorials – All Available for Direct Download

Great news folks – You can now download all of the WMV files directly from my Windows Live SkyDrive account. The links are individually listed in the original post beneath the MSN Video links. You will need a Windows Live ID to use this service. Click here to get to the original post and enjoy…

High Quality Downloadable XNA Tutorial Videos Being Made Available

You spoke, I listened! I am rendering the detailed, screen-intensive videos in 1280×1024 resolution for you to download and enjoy so that you don’t need to mess with pausing a streamed MSN video. The rendering process takes quite some time, and the uploading is a bit of a pain, but I am hosting them over…


A Day in the Life of an Academic Developer Evangelist – Video Blog

I do a lot of things in my role as an Academic Developer Evangelist, but my favorite part of the role is getting out there and having fun with my audience. I decided to take a different approach for this U. of South Florida Halo 3 party because we knew it was off-campus, there weren’t…


XNA Game Studio 2.0 – What everyone should know

If you haven’t heard yet, XNA Game Studio 2.0 (as announced at GameFest) will have two features everyone will love (among others): Compatibility with all versions of Visual Studio 2005 – I can’t even guesstimate the number of people who have personally asked me about this. Now I have good news to tell them. Xbox…


XNA Pong Update: Source Added

For those of you who have been asking for it, I have uploaded the source code (~44MB) to go along with the article I wrote documenting a very crappy Pong clone I wrote in XNA. Enjoy!


Let’s Write a 2D Game in XNA

I just finished up an article documenting a game I just finished. Check it out if you’re interested in getting into XNA!