Windows Phone 7, Azure and Push Notification Tutorial Series in C#

I’ve just finished my miniseries on integrating Windows Phone 7, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, WCF and Push Notifications into a single package! This is my index post, so you can easily get to the other articles. Check out the demo video below.

Both videos are watchable in HQ (720p) which I recommend.


WP7, Azure & Push Notifications Demo


Series Index

There is no downloadable code for this series because of sensitivity with a production SQL Azure database.

However, most of the relevant code can be found in the entries in the series:

  1. Introduction
  2. Configuring SQL Azure
  3. Polling Stock Quotes with an Azure Worker Role
  4. Using a WCF Web Role to Register Phone Apps for Push Notifications
  5. Bringing It All Together With Windows Phone 7


Code Walkthrough

Here is a more detailed view of the various projects in video walkthrough format.

WP7, Azure & Push Notifications Code Walkthrough

This is a great way to keep your users informed without draining their batteries or burying them in your app!

Comments (3)

  1. Ivan says:

    Hello, watched your movies they are very interesting. I'm a beginner programmer, I am writing program for C # for the phone 7. I have a problem: I want to create a chat room messages will peredovatsya on Wi-Fi from your phone to your computer. I know that the phone 7 does not support network. But it may have another way? Please show how this works. Thank you. Sorry for my English.

  2. Francisco Devia C says:


    I recreate your sample and can register for push and unregister for push, but i am no been able execute

    the stockmonitor worker role. I don know how to start it from a wp7 application.

    In an onclickbuuton af my wp7 i can do:

    var ipAddress = IPAddress.Parse("xx.yy.zz.aa");

    var endpoint = new IPEndPoint(ipAddress, nn);

    What more can i do to make te worker role start and send to the phone the notifications.

    Thanks in advanced,


  3. Amit Das says:

    Hello sir,

    How you added that UserService service reference in the project ? Please help for this .

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