How To Create a Windows Live Writer Twitter Plugin That Supports

Don’t get me wrong; I love the Twitter Notify plugin that you can download for Live Writer (which is itself the most amazing piece of software in existence today). However, I track almost all of my stuff through a account and I tweet about every blog post. I want the option to use…


Tutorial: Creating a Social Media Enabled Windows Live Writer Plugin

Taking a little break from your regularly scheduled Cloud Series blog post to bring you an interstitial meta-post about blogging! I love Windows Live Writer; I mean I really love it. It’s a great piece of software. One thing I miss is the Twitter Notify plugin, which seems to have stopped working for me after…


Bitly Tweeter updated to version 1.2

Bitly Tweeter had a minor update today. It now allows you to customize how your blog posts appear by default. Check out the new settings page: Download Tweeter 1.2 Beta here. Please rate and review By the way, expect this to go live on sometime after the break.


New Windows Live Writer Plugin Available: Tweeter

I just finished up the beta of this Windows Live Writer plugin. It automatically uses to shorten your post URL using your account so you can track it later, and then sends a tweet. This supports the new(ish) Twitter OAuth workflow, so you won’t get any more Access Denied junk from outdated plugins….


Phone + Cloud Series: Polling Stock Quotes with an Azure Worker Role

Introduction This is a pretty common task in any financial app. Though usually you’d only poll stocks every 15 minutes, it makes sense to put it in a worker role so that you can send push notifications to your users when a stock goes through the roof, or plummets, or whatever you choose. Azure worker…


Phone + Cloud Series: Configuring SQL Azure

Understanding the Data Model In most learning scenarios it is helpful to understand and define the data you are working with before anything else. To get to this step, we’ll lay out a few features of the mini-product we’ll build. The system is intended to monitor a user’s stock selections and occasionally send a push…


Into the Cloud with Windows Phone, Windows Azure and Push Notifications

The need for cloud computing (or at least an understanding of it) Windows Phone 7 supports “smart” multitasking, which means that third party applications have to manage their own state and cannot run in the background (except for some apps which can play music under a locked screen, although this is really a function of…