Imagine Cup: Northwest Tour Dates 9/27-11/9

If you’re a student and interested in building software to change the world, I may be coming to a campus near you. Please feel free to come and visit if you attend or are near one of these universities on the dates below.

Many of these events will have free food and some drawings for prizes, so be sure to show up.

Monday, September 27 University of Idaho, Janssen 126, 4pm
Tuesday, September 28 Washington State University, Dana 139, 4:30pm
Wednesday, September 29 Boise State University, MEC 307, 11:45 am
Thursday, September 30 Gonzaga University, Wolf Auditorium (Jepson), 12:10pm
Tuesday, October 5 Bellevue College, A265, 11:00 am
Tuesday, October 5 University of Washington-Seattle, Paul Allen Center room 503, 5:30pm
Thursday, October 7 Seattle Central Community College, 1701 Broadway room 3178, 12:00pm
Friday, October 8 University of Portland, Shiley Hall room 319, 6:00pm
Monday, October 11 Oregon State University, KEC 1003, 5:00pm
Tuesday, October 12 University of Oregon, Deschutes 220, 3:30pm
Wednesday, October 14 BYU Hawaii, Multiple classes in GCB
(Prof. Curtis, Colton & Wolthuis classes at 7:30a, 10:15p, and 12:15p respectively)
Thursday, October 15 University of Hawaii at Manoa, POST 302, 5:00 pm
Monday, November 8 University of Alaska Anchorage, Rasmussen Hall – Dr. Yen’s class (TBD)
Tuesday, November 9 University of Alaska Anchorage, Multiple Classes
1:45pm Room 206, 4pm Room 216, 7pm Room 216

If you want to get a head start on things, you can download the project plan and start looking at what’s required for round 1. The stakes are high this year and so is the visibility, so start your brains and come see me on tour!


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  1. dawate says:

    University of Idaho event went great despite some logistical things – looking forward to coming back next semester and really knocking it out. Great to meet everybody there.

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