Redmond Secret Leaked At TechReady: Seattle Weather Actually Really, Really Nice

As thousands of worldwide Microsoft techies descend upon the Washington State Convention Center this week for TechReady 11, an internal Microsoft technical conference, many will find them shocked to realize that Seattle is not, in fact, cold, gray, or dreary.


The weather is actually so nice that some people may even venture outdoors.

This news is in stark contrast to the standard impressions people have of Seattle: that it is cold, depressing, gray, etc. With clear skies and warm temps, everyone will be having a great time experiencing one of the greatest cities in the Pacific Northwest and in the USA.

Are you coming to TechReady? Let’s hang out sometime. Catch me on twitter: @danwaters.

Of course, I would never blog anything from a confidential internal conference, but I will say that I am very excited to be attending a multitude of Windows Phone 7 breakout sessions. I may actually get around to learning Silverlight to facilitate a Geocaching application that I have been working on. That, of course, will go on this blog, or potentially on coding4fun.

I may also be attending some Windows Azure sessions, or perhaps get a sneak peek at what’s coming next in ASP.NET MVC.

More valuable than the great technical content is the time spent with my colleagues around the country and world. And this will be the first time since moving to Seattle that I’ve been able to drive to one of these conferences, for better or for worse! Basically it means I can’t get drunk, so actually I think that is for the better.

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