Upcoming Information on Zune HD: Inertia

Hey folks!

I have been getting quite a few questions about the Zune game I have been working on called Inertia. I had some time at PDC to rework a lot of what I was doing there. I got majorly hung up on collision detection and decided to go with a physics library. I made a Zune port of the Farseer physics library which I’ll show in a later post. This has really helped me make some progress.

Just to let you know I haven’t forgotten about this!

Happy Holidays,


Comments (3)

  1. noyram08 says:

    wow that is a great news

  2. balog says:

    Just wondering if another article on Inertia is in the works

  3. Alun Jones says:

    I, too, would like to know when we can see something approaching a consumer-oriented means to deploy games (and other apps) developed for the Zune.

    I was hoping that the new Windows Phone 7 SDK would allow development for the Zune HD, but if that's coming, it's not available in the beta version I downloaded. Hopefully, it will be in the final release – given the number of shared features (touch, accelerometer, minimal buttons) between Zune HD and Phone 7, I'd like to see the ability to develop and deploy Zune and Windows Phone 7 software to regular consumers.

    It's fairly obvious that without such capabilities for Phone 7, the iPhone and Android will be eating Windows Phone 7's lunch, but I would like to think it won't take much to extend that to at least the Zune HD, too.

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